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The country of Seychelles is a giant archipelago made up of 115 individual islands. Seychelles' new marketing slogan, "The Seychelles experience .... now more accessible than ever." was equally made by the public and private sectors of the Seychelles tourism companies.


Some staple dishes are fish, shellfish, and seafood which are often accompanied with rice. Common fruits are coconut, breadfruit and mangos. Dishes are often garnished with fresh flowers. Popular beverages include coconut juice and fresh juices. Alcoholic beverages include the palm wine calou (or kalou), bakka rum, and beers made in the country such as Seybrew and Eku. There are multiple restaurants in Seychelles in various styles from casual to fine dining.


The economy is supported by fishing, tourism, coir rope, boat building, printing, furniture, and beverages. Agricultural products include cinnamon, banana, cassava, poultry, tuna, and sweet potato. The economy is good because hotels and tourist attractions provide money and jobs for the country. The GDP per capita is 16,185.90 USD (2013). The GDP is 1.443 billion USD (2013). The GDP growth rate is 5.3% annual change (2013).
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The government of Seychelles is democratic. The president is both head of state and government. Seychelles has a multiparty system. The government has executive power and shares legislative power with the National Assembly.


Seychelles is a very diverse country that mixes the traditions of multiple races. People who settled there originally included Islamic mariners, French settlers, British colonists, Tamil and Chinese traders, and African slaves.


With such an abundant wild life it's no surprise that most of the tourist activities include bird watching, diving, fishing, hiking, sailing, snorkeling, and surfing/windsurfing.

Why you should visit

Serene beaches with white sand and crystal clear water makes Seychelles sort of like an African Hawaii. Multiple coral reefs house one of the most abundant marine habitats in the world. Seychelles is also a big attraction to surfers because of the strong waves on some islands. Museums take visitors on a trip to the past, exploring Seychelles history and origin. Hiking trails go into the vast forest and hills on the islands.

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