Come to see the amazing Irelamb Reef

Were We Are

Are island is located in the Pacific Ocean. The equator runs right through the island so it is very warm on are island and we are 138 west of the Prime Meridian so come and see us now you know were we are

What We Have

Are Island have many great things to Mt. Helenstein to Dolphin Reef the biggest reef in the world with many new species of marine species.
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What We Are

We are a republic nation and capitalist .And believe that working is the only thing that is important in are country, even are president works in the fields and we never have problems with are people about how we rule

Are Ecomony

We mostly have farms, so we have a agriculture economy. We mostly grow dragon fruit, lemons, and limes. We also have great military that pays a great amount of money. Some times you will see factories, but don't be worried about your children we make are factories are green so in stead of coal we use solar panels.
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Are We Develope Or Not

We are a very developed country, most of our farming is done by the latest technology and we offer great education for children and adults that didn't get the experience in there old countries which allows are people to get any job they want


Mostly we have to get are clothing from other countries, but with that we have many idea for clothing which is why we have the greatest fashion show in the world[ thousand of people come to are island to see it.]


Most of are people came from Ireland when the famous potato rush.Trying to find a island to settle in with no enemies and found a island that they named Irelamb