Teen obesity- FAST FOOD

A warning to all...

by danya rashed

In the past decade, the past generation has been exposed to something relatively new. Fast food chain restaurants supply food for quick, easy, and satisfying food! But here is the issue, are teenagers becoming to dependant on McDonalds cheeseburgers when they get lazy to make a salad? I think fast food can be a major reason to why an obese teenager because the amount of fast food chain restaurants, not taking the time to create a healthy meal, and the amount of calories a meal has!

To begin, when I visit other places, one thing always looks the same. In America alone, there is a staggering 13,000 McDonalds restaurants. Taking second place, Japan, only have 3,000! In the whole world, there are only 25,000 McDonalds, making almost more than half of them in the entire world just in the US. The amount of fast food chains I saw. When you are hungry, it looks appetizing! As a child or a teenager, you really don’t have much care towards your body and what you eat. When lacking on caring about what you eat, and lose control, the health of the person is in danger. The intake of calories is completely ignored and the result of that is an obese child.

Furthermore, for the parents who have too much to do and lack on cooking a healthy dinner, they resort to fast food. Whether its pizza or food from the local Chinese buffet, eating these choices affect much more than what we can see. While surfing the Internet, I came upon an interesting statistic, most Americans have at least some kind of fast food as their largest meal! Without a good amount of exercise on a daily basis, your weight goes up and your health plummets to the bottom. Our body is no match for greasy and deep fried food. Although it may taste good, laziness is by far the biggest issue. Instead of walking to the fast food restaurant, why not take 20 minutes out of your time to create a healthy smart choice that you can benefit from in the long run!

Besides all that let’s dig deeper. The amount of calories a regular meal from McDonald’s carries is far beyond what you would ever think of. For breakfast, if you decide to get a sausage with egg McMuffin, that has 450 calories! Almost half of your daily calories! But of course, you are still going to need a drink, so you get a large Ice Coffee, making your calories just for the start of the day to 600! If you have a sweet tooth after a healthy dinner, which was about 400 calories, you walk to the nearest McDonalds and order a Large McFlurry with Oreo, Reese pieces, and extra caramel. 1000 Calories! That piece of desert carried enough calories for the entire day! These little mistakes can create an unhealthy you! And, regardless of if McDonalds salads are sold, it is double the calories a normal salad should have! You don’t win with McDonalds, and sadly teenagers all over the US who always had an option of a convenient fast food have to suffer the consequences and fight the battle of humiliation, bullying, and lack of self-esteem.

In conclusion, once you lose control, digging yourself out of the hole is hard and emotional. Dedication to your goals takes everything you have. But, why would you ever want to do that? Americans need healthy alternatives, because fast food is always an option and sadly, too many people depend on it on a daily basis. This causes teen obesity. Younger people who have been exposed to this kind of fast food because these chain restaurants are overexposed, too lazy to create their own meal, and they forget to count calorie sizes.

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