TutorMe Instructions Grades 6-12

SY 2021/2022 OVCA

FREE tutoring available

For ALL OVCA students!

•All tutoring is completely online through a program called TutorMe

•For OVCA students in all grades, K-12

•Access a tutor 24/7

•Find a tutor for more than 300 subjects

•Students can receive 8 hours/month of tutoring


Video Tutorial, if preferred:

Download Written Instructions, if preferred

Step-By-Step Instructions:

1. Log into school

2. Choose ClassLink

  • Click on the icon that looks like a chain in the upper right.
  • Find Classlink in the drop-down menu and click on it.

3. Select My Apps

  • Launchpad called My Apps will open.
  • Find the TutorMe app and click on it

4. Possible Notification: Browser Extension Not Installed

  • You may see a notification that ClassLink Browser Extension not installed or enabled.
  • IF you get that notification, select Install Extension.

If you do not see this notification, go to Step 6.

5. Add Chrome Extension, iff applicable

  • Click Add to Chrome
  • Click Add extension
  • Wait for it to say Complete.
  • Once it is complete, you can close out of these tabs and go back to the My Apps tab

6. Select TutorMe App

  • Click on the TutorMe app again in the My Apps tab.
  • You might see a notification asking if you want to save your login. IF you do, simply enter your student email and your TutorMe password and click Save.

If you do not see this notification, go to the next step.

7. TutorMe Homepage

  • The TutorMe homepage will open.

8. Sign in

  • The first time you will need to sign in with your email and assigned password.
  • After you have signed in one time in Classlink, you will not have to sign in again if you access TutorMe through Classlink.

9. You're all ready!

  • You are now ready to find a tutor!
  • You can connect with a live tutor or use the writing lab.

Next time you want to use TutorMe, just go to Classlink and you’re ready to go!