Survival Guide for Champange Castle

How to Survive in the extreme mountains of South Africa

Here's the Situation

Your plane crashed on the Champange Castle, the 2nd highest peak in South Africa. You check the seats next to you. No one has survived. The flight attendants are lying on the ground dead, and in the cockpit the pilots are not breathing. You are the only survivor and you must try to stay alive in the extreme conditions of South Africa. You will have to dodge poinsonous plants and threatening animals. This guide will show you how to stay alive, and look good doing it. #survivinginstyle
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Backround Info

Just in case you didn't know, you have crashed on the continent of Africa. You are now in a mountainous range with temperatures that are temperate, but get colder the higher you go, so you won't have to worry about artic weather that will make you freeze to death, or sunny, hot temperatures that will dehydrate you in no time. But you will still have to survive the harsh sun rays and dangerous animals that the Champange Castle inhabits.

Steps for Survival

Defend Yourself

There are many threatening animals that you will need to defend yourself from. Make sure you have something sharp or something that resembles a weapon at the least, because if you get attacked by one of the many predators in these mountains it could cause death.
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Animal Life

In this part of South Africa, there are many animals that could injure or kill you. You must know how to defend yourself from them.

Plant LIfe

There are many plants that could be of use to you in this harsh environment. You can find the catha edulis a small tree that has many uses. There is also a calopis paniculata a plant by the water, and ekeburgia capenis a fruit tree that you can use for food.
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catha edulis

This plant can be helpful by providing shade to you. It is not edible, but is not harmful or poisonous.