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News & Notes from the Morningside Library - August 18

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Publisher Permissions Extended - What You Need to Know

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Many publishers (eight are listed in the image above) have extended their permissions of reading online through December 31, 2020.

I've attached the above image as a clickable pdf so that you can easily navigate to each site to read their individual guidelines. I'm also including a copy of APS copyright guidelines for virtual learning.

Some highlights to remember:

  • Reading online should be done in a closed/secure forum. For example, reading on Facebook Live is possible as long as it is to a closed group.
  • Reading to your class on Zoom is permissible because it is a secure, password protected group. If you post the recording of the Zoom make sure to do so in a secure setting like your Google Classroom which requires a code to join.
  • If uploading and posting a video of you reading a book on YouTube, make sure to select the unlisted option. This will prevent anyone searching for the title of the book you are reading from finding your video. Only those with the direct link to the video will be able to view.
  • Don't post links to your unlisted YouTube videos on social media such as Twitter or Facebook (unless you are posting to a closed group); doing so, allows anyone on the web who sees your post to access the link to the video.
  • Typically, publishers want you to begin the video with a statement prior to reading similar to, "This book is being shared with permission of _____________________ (insert name of publishing company).

Publishers of Children's Books on YouTube

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It’s easier now, more than ever before, to search YouTube and find someone – a teacher, a parent, a librarian, a bookshop owner, or just a picture book enthusiast – reading a favorite book online. I’ve been guilty of finding those videos and linking them to assignments or projects.

The problem is, sharing those videos without the permission of the publisher may be violating copyright and fair use.

But, did you know that many popular children’s book publishers have their own YouTube channels where they have videos of books being read aloud?

I created the image you see above to make those channels easily accessible. Then, when you want to link videos to the book covers on the shelves in your Bitmoji virtual classrooms or libraries, you can have peace of mind that these videos came directly from the publisher.

To download the pdf click here.

Back to School Read Aloud Suggestion

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One of the books from my list of back-to-school read-alouds is Where are You From? by Yamile Saied Méndez. In the book, a young girl turns to her wise abuelo when she’s uncertain after constantly being questioned – where are you from – by classmates, teachers and friends. Surprisingly she learns there isn’t one clear cut answer to that question. Where we are from is much more than a place on a map. Where we are from is more about heart, family, traditions, and ancestors; so rich and varied that it can’t be summed up in one simple naming of a place. I like this out-of-the-box idea of getting kids to examine that there’s more to where we are from than a location. The people who came before us, the people we live with now, the multitude of landscapes our ancestors once walked, and the love that nurtures us on our journey is where we are from.

It’s a beautiful story I hope you’ll share with your students this year. And you can find the video of the story being read aloud here on the YouTube channel for Harper Kids.

WHERE ARE YOU FROM? | Storytime with Yamile Saied Méndez

Copyright and Fair Use Video

Watch this two-minute video as a reminder about copyright and fair-use.

Now, more than ever before, it's easy to copy and paste and download images and videos to reuse for your own purposes.

Remember the four points of fair use from this video as you begin to prepare your lessons for virtual learning.

Copyright and Fair Use Animation

Covid-19 Teaching Resources

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Will you be talking to your students about COVID-19 upon returning to school?

Discussing proper hand-washing and modeling wearing masks correctly, no matter how much we may not like it, are now likely part of what we must do in our classrooms to ensure our own safety and the safety of our students.

I’ve heard lots of buzz about not turning these topics into something cute, because let’s face it, there’s nothing cute about a virus that has infected millions of people and taken the lives of hundreds of thousands more. Still, I feel it’s important to remain factual while also staying age-appropriate.

I curated this list (see image above) of YouTube videos that may assist you in starting conversations about the importance of hand-washing, understanding the virus, and wearing masks appropriately to slow and stop viral spread.

Best of all, you’ll be able to access a FREE digital copy of the book A Kid’s Book About Covid-19. Download the clickable PDF of the curated resources here.