Oceanside Elementary Resources

Connecting our Elementary Educators

This page will serve as a reference to connect with information for K-6 elementary resources for Oceanside School District.


For an account to access pearsonrealize.com, please contact Jessica Keegan at jwkeegan@oceansideschools.org.

For interim or substitute access:

Username: Readoceanside1

Password: r12345678

Process Writing Padlet & Writing Resources

Reading A-Z

For a Reading A-Z account for teacher access, please contact Jessica Keegan at jwkeegan@oceansideschools.org.


The exemplars library should be accessible online for all teachers grades K-5. Please contact Jessica Keegan if you have any questions or need an account.

Free Math Fact-Fluency Resources

You can register your class (see your Instructional Assistant if you would like help) for these free sites to use in class and for homework.


The 2016-2017 username and password information is as follows:

USERNAME: Oceanside


To set up an account, go to:
To access, go to:


Edmodo is an online forum for sharing exciting resources and updates. It's a great forum to use with students, parents, and with one another.

Visit the link below to sign up. The current access code for our Elementary Curriculum group is:


If this code is out of date, please email Jessica Keegan at jwkeegan@oceansideschools.org for a new code, which resets every two weeks.