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Volume 1, Issue 4

Homecoming 2014

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Homecoming 2014

As the 2014 Homecoming festivities began, Piedmont students and staff started with a great week of dressing up and having fun with "Spirit Week": Monday- College Day; Tuesday- Camouflage Day; Wednesday- Character Day; Thursday- Nerd VS. Jock Day; and the week ended with Extreme Spirit Day on Friday.

The cheerleaders hosted a pep rally Friday as they cheered on the football players, and some of the football players and male students dressed up for the Mock Homecoming Court. Also, some of the football players dressed up to be cheerleaders for the day. "Miss Foxy Knoxy" was elected Mock Homecoming Queen by "her" peers and was very honored and excited to have the opportunity to be able to support the school by serving as Mock Homecoming Queen. The cheerleaders had a “toe-touch contest” in which Mr. Hickman, Coach Vaughn, Coach Wilson, and Coach Tanner participated. The winner, of course, was Mr. Hickman. The cheerleaders also hosted a “gummy worm pie eating contest," with several students participating and Haley Tyler winning the competition.

Before the Homecoming game on Friday, September 26, the senior class of 2011 planted a Memorial Tree behind the scoreboard on the football field in honor of their classmate Blake Hammock who recently passed away due to a tragic car accident. Mrs. Martha Mock came and shared many of her memories of Blake. Blake’s classmates also shared their memories. Blake may be gone, but he is never forgotten.

During half time, the Homecoming Court class representatives took the field. The girls on the court were elected by their classmates to represent their classes. The 9th grade representatives were Anna Knox and Caitlyn Young. The 10th grade class's representatives were Ashley Johnston and Grace Roberts. 11th grade representatives were Alicia Peek and Matti Smith, and the senior representatives included: JaDe’ Padgett, Marissa Mooneyham, Parker Kelley, and “Miss Cougar” Cheyenne Galloway. When the seniors were interviewed about their Homecoming night, Marissa said Homecoming Court was a great experience because it was the first time that she was able to hang out with her friends at a football game because some of her friends are usually busy managing. She was very happy because Homecoming was an all-around good night. JaDe’ Padgett said it was a good night because she had an opportunity to represent her senior class, and it was an honor to be chosen. Parker Kelly said “I liked taking a break from cheering for a game, and being Homecoming queen meant a lot to me because it means a lot that the high school student body thinks I represent the school well.” Cheyenne Galloway said “It was a great honor to be “Miss Cougar” because the football team elected me to represent them on that night.”

Homecoming week and night were great successes for all PAC students; we had a great student section at the game, the fans were very “into” the game, and the half-time show was fabulous. Each of the girls looked outstanding! Congrats, ladies, on being elected to the court!

By: Haley Tyler

The Lady Cougar Softball Team Ends Their Season in Final Four

The Piedmont Academy softball team had a great season before it sadly came to an abrupt end. The softball team had a record of 17 wins, 12 losses and 2 ties for the season. They went 5 and 2 in Region which is 5 wins and 2 losses, while defeating LaGrange Academy twice, Oak Mountain twice, and Flint River once. The Lady Cougars lost to Flint River twice, one of the losses being a loss in the battle for the region championship.

Before the region championship battle, the Lady Cougars hosted the Gatewood Lady Gators here at home for Senior Night, October 1st. The game was an all-around tough game to play. Gatewood came out with their heads high after winning a region championship, but left with their heads down after the Lady Cougars won 7-5. The crowd was very alive with the student section being as loud as they could, keeping the players alert and pumped up. The Lady Cougars held their own as they had great offense by putting the ball in play, and they also had a good defense as they made the routine plays to get out of innings. The team and coaches are proud of how well they are playing as a team. The Lady Cougars played Flint River Academy for the region championship October 2 but fell to them 9-3, putting the Cougars second in region. The Lady Cougars still advanced further into the season as they made it to the first round of state playoffs.

The Cougars played Briarwood Academy here at home for the best 2 out of 3 to see who would advance to the next round. The Lady Cougars held the Briarwood Lady Bucs as the Cougars won 13-4 in the first game. The Lady Cougars also defeated the Lady Bucs 15-6 in the second game leaving the Lady Bucs out of the next round of state. The Cougars played great defense and swung the bats really well during the games.

The Lady Cougars advanced to the second round and played Citizens Christian Academy on Thursday October 9th at 11:00, 1:00, and 3:00 to determine which team would advance to the Final 4. The Lady Cougars won the first game against the Patriots 9-4 as the Lady Cougars had a great offensive game. The Cougars lost the second game 2-6 causing the teams to have to play another game. The Lady Cougars won the third game 7-5 to advance to the Final 4 which was played Saturday, October 11th.

On Saturday, the Lady Cougars were very excited to have advanced to the next round of the state play-offs, as they faced Windsor in the first game. The Cougars had some errors in the field and could never catch up with the Lady Cougar’s hits. The Lady Cougars fell to Windsor 10-2 setting them back to play David Emanuel Academy for the second game. The Lady Cougars fought really hard but fell a little short at the end of the second game losing 7-5. It was a devastating loss, but the Cougars gave it all they had. Coach Funt said he was very proud of the ladies as they fought back very hard and gave all of their effort until the last pitch was pitched. We are very proud of the Lady Cougars and how far they came and improved throughout the season!


By: Haley Tyler

Fall Football

On 9-26-14 the Piedmont Academy Cougar Varsity Football defeated Windsor Academy. The final score of the game was 49-14. The leading scorer for the Cougars was Hunter Knox. Knox had 229 yards on 22 carries and scored 4 rushing touchdowns. Knox also had a touchdown on a kick return. The Cougars leading defensive players were Chris Cain, Wyatt Galloway, and Mack Brady. Cain had 10 tackles. Galloway had 9 tackles and one pass breakup. Brady had an interception that he returned for a touchdown. Michael Edwards also an interception.

For the year so far in rushing, Hunter Knox has 101 carries with 946 yards and over 15 touchdowns. Jeremiah Dave and Zach Beggs both have two touchdowns. Ben Davis, Michael Edwards, Mack Brady, Hank Strickland, and Gaven Edge all have one rushing touchdown a piece. Zach Beggs has completed a total of 31 passes for 664 yards, 8 touchdowns, and seven interceptions. On the receiving end Hank Strickland and Michael Edwards have three touchdowns a piece. Wyatt Galloway and Jeremiah Dave have also each had one receiving touchdown.

Leading the defensive side is Jeremiah Dave with 38 tackles, one sack, and one forced fumble. Chris Cain has 25 tackles, six Tackles for loss, and two sacks. In the kicking game, Chase Young is 32 for 32 on extra points.

BY: Joseph Anderson

Cross Country

The Piedmont Academy Cross Country team continues to compete well at both the middle and high school levels. During the Trinity Christian meet on 9/20, middle school student Mari Jablonski placed 2nd with a time of 13:44:00, while Gracie Black finished at 17:26:00, Mallory Boyd came in at 17:48:00, and Garret King finished with a time of 17:32:00. Gracie Black and Mallory Boyd both improved their times since their last meet at Trinity. For the varsity girls, Alina Jablonski, with her best time since her knee injury, finished at 23:22:00. Coach Traci Brady states that, "She (Alina) is improving with every meet." Brice Dodson, representing the varsity boys, finished with a time of 25:02 and persistently lowers his time.

The next meet took place at Monsignor Donovan on 9/24. Mari Jablonski , a 7th grader, was permitted to race even though this was a varsity only race. Mari came in 2nd place with a time of 23:25:79. Coach Traci Brady states that, "We are expecting big things from her in the future.” Alina Jablonski finished in 5th with a time of 24:32:00. Brice Dodson came in at 27:00.

At the GISA end-of-season meet held at Trinity Christian School in Dublin, Piedmont won its first overall state championship. Mari Jablonski earned her third first place win and her first state championship title. Coach Traci Brady stated, "This is absolutely a case of hard work and dedication paying off." She ran 17 seconds faster than the second place runner with a time of 13.51.22. Gracie Black came in at 17.37.36 and finished in 16th place. Mallory Boyd finished with a time of 18.44.47 which brought her in 21st place. Garrett King ran his fastest time of the season and finished at 17.11.15 with 28th place. Coach Traci Brady commented, "It is an encouraging way to end the year."

The next meet will be at Monsignor Donovan for the GISA 4AA regional meet on October 18th.

Should There be a Dress Code?

We asked the question: “Do you think Piedmont should have a dress code with a uniform?” Some students answered with "yes," but the code shouldn’t be as strict. Others said "yes" because it’s a private school, and uniforms create more equality. Another answer was "yes," because it is an easy dress code, but maybe the staff shouldn’t be so strict on the little things like a shirt tails being untucked, the different color of blue jeans, skinny jeans or flared jeans, or pants with jewels. Some people think that as long as jackets have Piedmont on them, then hoodies should be okay on week days also. On the flip side, a majority of people said that there should not be a dress code because if it isn’t going to be exact and apply to all students, the administrators should change the rules. It isn’t fair for some people to be called out, but other people not be punished and continue to wear clothing that others are punished for wearing. Another reason some students said "no" is because if Piedmont is going to have a dress code, it needs to be an exact dress code not a “polo and jeans." In conclusion, the overall answer was "no" because some students think the dress code is not equally enforced with all students, and items such as pants color, jacket logos, pants decorations, accessories, other items should not be a part of the dress code.
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Paws At a Glance

October 23:

· Grandparents bazar starts @12:00

· Varsity football vs. Dawson Street- home- @ 7:30 (region game and Senior Night)

October 25:

· GA Best Robotics Competition

· 1st Cheerleading competition @ Loganville Christian Academy

October 29:

· Kennesaw Math Competition

October 30:

· Seniors go to the Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern

October 31:

· Teacher Holiday (no school)

· Varsity Football vs. Flint River - Woodbury- @7:30 (2nd region game)

November 1:

· Cheer competition @ Southland

November 4:

· Cheer competition @ Bulloch

· PTO meeting at 3:30

November 8:

· Cheer competition @ Brentwood

· Mercer Math Competition