Knowing Your Limits

A Kier Cowand Public Service Announcement

No Pain No Gain

Ever heard the term "No pain no gain"? For some people it keeps them going throughout a game or a sport. However, this is not a good motto, in fact it's a terrible motto. Pain is your brain trying to tell you to take a break, to stop for a little while. If you keep going the pain of course becomes more intense and eventually you'll injure yourself.

PRICE Method

The PRICE Method

The PRICE method is an acronym that can help you lessen your injuries if you choose to ignore my advice on taking breaks.

P- Protect the injured part from further injury by keeping it still. Try not to move it to much. Moving may make the pain worse.
R- Rest the injured part.
I- Ice the part using an ice pack.
C- Compress, or put put pressure on, the part using an elastic bandage. This will keep your injury from swelling. It will also help keep that part of the body motionless. Just be careful not to wrap the bandage too tightly. This could cut of the flow of blood.
E- Evaluate the injured part above the level of the heart.