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Climbing Everest

Peak Experience Climb Everest.

Peak experience has many services and most known for our Everest climb in Tibet. You may need to prepare for it if you want so we will tell you how.

Get to the top of the World

Economic Impact

A climbing permit is needed which will cost you $3,350 you also have to pay the Nepal government $25,000 or if you are a climbing group of seven people you will pay the Nepal government $70,000

Climate on Everest


What most people are wondering is what is the best season to climb Everest. Spring April-May will be the best season to climb Everest. What is the temperature on everest? The average temperature is -36°C (-33°F) The highest temperature is -19°C (-2°F) The lowest temperature is -60°C(-76°F) The summit of Everest is 29,028 ft or 8,848 m. which is close to the top of the troposphere

Preparation For Climbing Everest

Preparation (Exercise)

To be physically prepared to climb Everest you must do these things:

  • Sit ups
  • Curl ups

There is also the way many people use like:

  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Biking
  • Weight Lifting

Somethings are necessary such as:

  • Endurance
  • Stamina
  • Strength

Though people may not do it gain a little weight you lose 20% of weight.

Preparation (Items)

lightweight hiking boots, several pairs of socks wool and liner, including trekking, plastic lined climbing boots should be large and give feet room to reduce chances of frostbites. heating pads and wires are needed to help keep boots warm also depending on the type of boot you may need insulated boots. Gaiters may be including so you can keep your feet warm and not wet. Will need both light weight and expedition weight underwear. A fleece or synthetic zip-up jacket and a expedition weight parka. Tex shell jacket with a hood.

Synthetic insulated pants down pants pair of Gore Tex shell pants. Headlight with spare bulbs and batteries; ski goggles; glacier glasses with side covers; a baseball cap or visor. a wool hat and lightweight and heavy weight balaclavas. synthetic bandannas. four different pairs of gloves light synthetic, expedition weight fleece gloves, waterproof gloves and expedition weight mitts. Glacier Crampons spare in case damaged. Alpine climbing harness to fit over clothes. three locking and three stationary carabiners. one right and one left ascend-er a belay device, and prussiks. an ice axe. glacier rope is needed. two good quality sleeping bags rated -20 degrees c and -40 degrees C. two self inflating pads and one thermal pad. multiple tents for differ camps. a compass or small gps. two titanium burners. two or three light pots with lids, plastic mugs, a thermos, a spoon and knife, and a couple of pot holders. chemical

Holly Angelo's Report

Youngest Person summits Everest By: Holly Angelo

14 year old Sun-jo (as seen to the right) climbed Mount Everest and became the first free Tibetan on mount Everest. Sun-jo was lead up by Peak Experience. After reaching the summit he crossed down to the Tibetan side and was allowed to go to school again. Peak (14) helped Sun-jo up the mountain and recorded the journey with some pictured. I, Holly Angelo went with Peak and climbed with him up the mountain but returned once we got to Camp three because I didn't feel to go to the summit.
Sun-jo got help from two Sherpas (as seen to the left) Yogi and Yash both of which we're sent by Zopa an other sherpa who is Sun-jo's grandfather. Zopa also helped Sun-jo train for this moment by different efforts so Sun-jo wouldn't become a Sherpa.

Josh's Biography

Biography by: Josh

I, the owner of Peak experience, have faced some challenges while helping group A up Everest such as a spreading virus getting people sick while climbing the mountain. My son joined to climb Everest and tried reaching for the summit but I knew he didn't have it in him. He also was angered when I told him I got his letters he had been sending me and that I didn't write back. After I sent him back I faced my own problems since members of my group were getting the virus. I also got the virus making me sick for days, but when I was ready I led my group up the mountain. Later after I climbed to camp three captain Shek sent troops up looking for a boy named Sun-jo which I sent with a secret group which was group C. Group C was on Peak Experience's permit giving me credit for putting a free Tibetan and youngest person on Everest. After I heard the news I learned that Peak was almost to the summit when Sun-jo summit ed and was being inspected by captain Shek. I talked to Peak later and he said he wasn't going to return anytime soon

Biography by: Sun-Jo

We had to climb up a different way up Everest because the Chinese soldiers were after me. We went up a harder way which was faster but harder to climb. Zopa was right it was harder but faster to climb. At one point we had to climb an ice wall but when I was climbing one of my axes broke and if it wasn't for Peak I would've died. Once at camp six Peak and I knew we were close to the summit and were really happy. When we were close to the summit I was out of breath and hurting a ton, but when I thought it was over for me Peak helped me go to the summit and he recorded it to know it was me the youngest and first free Tibetan to climb Everest. We hugged and waved before I crossed over to Nepal.