Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

Feb. 8th 2018

What is going on?

Alert-The Six Flags and Shlitterbahn's Reading Logs are due soon. We made a class goal that everyone in our class participate. Even if you don't like theme parks, please participate for the class. In the past we have donated tickets to needy families or the Baptist Children's Home. It is a win win for all parties!

Reading/Writing: We will be answering comprehension questions on a variety of poems. We will be revising for line breaks and publishing original poems for our poetry notebooks.

Spelling and Grammar:

Spelling words this week: big, each, good, letter, people, soon, way, use

This will be our 3rd and last week of adjectives in grammar lessons. We will focus on the articles; a, an, the.

Science: We will be learning about weather conditions and tools to measure the weather: rain gauge, thermometer, and windsock. We will begin recording weather conditions daily later in the week.

Math: In math we will start our fractions unit. Kids will learn about equivalent fractions, equal shares, and names of parts including eighths, fourths, and halves. We will use concrete models to count fractional units beyond one whole and identify examples and non-examples of fractional parts.

Tomorrow is a math test: Here are a few types of problems that will be on the test.

When the train left the station there were 851 passengers on board. At the first stop 189 passengers get off the train, and 362 passengers get on the train. How many passengers are on the train now? Show your thinking.

Purple Sage Elementary School has 681 students. Live Oak Elementary School has 36 more students than Purple Sage. How many students attend both schools? Show your thinking.

This and that-


  • Feb. 8 Book Fair Preview

  • Feb. 9 Book Fair

  • Feb. 9 PTA Movie Night-cancelled

  • Feb. 14 Valentine's Party-

  • Feb. 16 Six Flags Read To Succeed/ Schlitterbahn Reading Logs due

  • Feb. 19 & 20 Professional Learning Days- no school for kids

  • Feb. 21-March 3 Apex Fun Run

  • Feb. 27 5th-STAAR Ready Science

  • March 9 Field Day

  • March 12-16 Spring Break

List for Valentine's Day- Kids can bring a gift bag or box to collect their cards.





















The 2018 KLRU Kids Writing Contest is open for submissions until March 31st! If you have a K-5 writer in your family itching to share their work, head over to the KLRU contest website for more information. A few entry packets are also available in the library.

Have a good weekend!