Welcome to Donut Island!

You've never seen anything like it!

Our town is amazing!

Donut Island is an excellent city! We have a very unique landmark called the Glazepire State Building. Our town flag is a flag you have never seen before. It is a chocolate donut with multi-colored sprinkles. We also include great places to hang out. For example, the Cinnamon Twist Pool, Powder Park, and Sprinkle Stadium. We hope you will stop by Donut Island to see these wonderful things and MANY MORE!

Our awesome places to go!

Things About Donut Island

My what a city! Our 6 shapes are a octagon which is Sprinkle Stadium, a cone called Krispy Cream Donuts, a rectangle which is the Cinnamon Twist Local Pool,a cuboid for the bottom of the Glazepire Stae Building, a Sqaure pyrimid which is the top of the Glazepire State Building, and a equalateral triangle for the Parking Lot, and many more! We have many lines of symettry. For example, the octagon for Sprinkle Stadium has 4 lines of symmetry, the square feild inside Sprinkle Stadium has 4 lines of symmetry. The rectangle Powder Park and Cinnamon Twist Local Pool both have 2. Last, the triangle used as the Parking Lot has 3 lines of symmerty. Our three angles are made from streets. Glaze Avenue and Icing Highway form a right angle, Sugar Avenue and Cinnamon Twist Street form an acute angle, and third, Cinnamon Twist Street and Chocolate Lane make an obtuse angle. Next are the 2 pairs of lines. Our parellel lines are Glaze Avenue and Cinnamon Twist Street, and Icing Highway and Donut Hole Drive. Our perpendindicular lines are Glaze Avenue and Cinnamon Twist Street, and Icing Highway and Cinnamon Twist Street. Our intersecting lines are Chocolate lane and Sugar Avenue, and Cinnamon Twist Street and Sugar Avenue. Our transformations are quite pretty! The reflection is the 2 donut statues by Krispy Cream. The translation are the 2 billboards next to the Glazepire State Building. The rotation is the 2 bushes in Powder Park. The polygon with the area of 24 cm is Powder Park. The polygon with a perimeter of 30 is the triangle which is the Parking Lot.