Dances for Musicals

Thoroughly Modern Millie

The play is about a small town girl named Millie Dillmount who moves to New York in hopes to marry someone for money, not love. Millie soon becomes a "Modern" (a flapper) and lives in a hotel owned by the leader of a white slavery ring in China. Millie gets a job as a stenographer and plans to marry her boss. Meanwhile, she meets Jimmy and Dorothy. Dorothy becomes Millie's friend. Dorothy is known for her beauty so when she meets Millie's boss, he ask Dorothy on a date. Millie gets very angry and ends up talking to Jimmy. Millie returns to work the next to find out that Dorothy did not go on a date with her boss. Millie, Jimmy and Mr. Graydon (Millie's boss) soon realize that Dorothy has been kidnapped by Mrs. Meers and sold to the white slavery ring. They quickly devise a plan to free her and they are successful. In the end, Millie falls in love with Jimmy and the play ends on a happy note.

Why Choreography?

I have been dancing for 12 years at The Dance Company. In middle school, I joined the drama class and started helping choreograph for The Little Mermaid jr.. I did one dance and I loved it. The next year I did multiple dances for Alice and Wonderland. This year, I have gone back and choreographed three dances for Thoroughly Modern Millie.
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