Sparkling Water

A Heart Touching Perseverance Newsletter

Let us see an Example of Perseverance.

The merchants had to travel across the desert to get to the city, because of this they faced many hard times and they affected them by forcing them to use their heads and think on the spot. They also had to not give up as said by the pilot in the story since they threw away their resources. They then had to find water in an underground rock and found water. They then cooked their food and were able to make it to the city.

This shows that they needed quick wits and perseverance to survive.

Kid President Video Paragraph

The video was about how Kid President giving advice on how to be awesome and perseverance. He talks about how you have to not be boring and how you have to be creative. He also talks about how Michael Jordan could’ve quit and how Space Jam wouldn’t have been made. Lastly, he talks about how you have to be awesome and how we were designed to be.

First,Kid President talks about not being boring. Then, he discusses how life is a game and we are on the same team. Third, he talks about a poem about taking the road less travel. He then talks about how Michael Jordan kept going and because of it, made Space Jam. After, he says that you need to be creative and make something with yourself. Lastly, he says we were designed to be awesome and that we should embrace that.


Overall, these people had to overcome many adversities and be persistent to achieve their goals and triumphs. They adhered to what they believed and had convictions of what they believed was right. Thank you for reading this paper, and be sure to subscribe for only $9.99 a month! We, I mean, I will publish these once a year or even two a year if you're lucky! So don't miss out! Thank you.