Come Witness a Historical Event

Witness the end of the Civil War!

With the Traveler 2000 time machine, travel to 19th century United States, and watch as the South surrenders to the North and witness the aftermath! Payment starts at only one low, low, price! More information on payment at the bottom of the brochure.
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The Deluxe Package:

Daily Events:

Day and Night 1:

  • April 9th, 1865. This will be your first day in this era, you will start off by arriving at the Inn. Awhile later, you will go to the McLean House in Appomattox, Virginia, Watch as General Robert E. Lee signs the surrender document, and the South officially surrenders to the North.
  • That night, you get two different choices, celebrate the Union's victory, or go pity the Confederacy and their loss.

Day and Night 2:

  • April 10th. On your second day, you will be witnessing daily living. You will start off by making a care package or two for wounded soldiers. Next, you will be attending a fundraising event held to raise money for hospitals; it's up to you whether you want to donate.
  • Later that night, you will have a big meal. Servings include fresh beef, salted pork, hardtack (you might want to dip it in your coffee), meat and potato stew, and dried vegetables.

Day and Night 3:

  • April 11th. Time for a road trip! We are traveling to Washington D. C., April 13th, 1865. For the rest of the trip you will be staying in the Willard Hotel. Unwind and adjust, but don't take too long because today will be your choice! You can go see the sights Washington D. C. has to offer, or sit down and drink a cup of coffee as you read the local newspaper and rest.
  • You can spend the evening resting and unpacking your things, or you could go visit wounded soldiers in a hospital and see the consequences of war first hand.

Day and Night 4:

  • April 14th. Today you can sleep in, but not too late! Washington D. C. is is the most fortified city during the Civil War, maybe even the most fortified city in the world. You will be going to a few of the forts, where you can see cannons and mortars.
  • On your last night in 1865, we have something special for you. You will be going to Ford's Theatre, to see Our American Cousin, the same play President Lincoln will be seeing.

Day 5:

  • April 15th. On this day, Abraham Lincoln has died, and the country is mourning this great loss. You will be time-traveling back to now, March 20th, 2015. You have witnessed history, you have witnessed the first assassination of a president, and you have witnessed the start of the rebirth of America. We hope you have enjoyed your trip, and have learned something new.

Packages and Payment:

Although this ad is to promote the Deluxe Package, we give you two other Civil War travel packages to chose from, in case the Deluxe isn't for you:

1. The Basic Package: $949.99: This package is a 3-day, 2-night stay in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, during the 3-day battle. You can witness one of the most famous battles of the Civil War!

2. The Deluxe Package: $1249.99: Our suggested package, the Deluxe is a 5-day, 4-night vacation at various places in Virginia. You will witness the General Lee sign the surrender document, the aftermath, and you can choose whether to pity with the Confederates, or to celebrate with the Union.

3. The Exquisite Package: $2999.99: The most luxurious of the three, the Exquisite is a 7-day, 6-night package, in which you will travel the Civil War, stay in the most elegant Inns, and witness the daily lives of people during the war.

(Prices range from $949-$2999 + shipping and handling.)

Rules you MUST follow:

1. Wear era appropriate clothing.

2. Do NOT bring anyone or anything back to the present with you.

3. Do NOT take any modern devices

4. Do NOT mention to anyone that you are from the future.

5. Do NOT interact with ancestors, this may include your many great grandparents, uncles and also aunts.