Newsletter Week 8 Term 4

Meeanee School 6th December, 2022


Plenty of people ask us, "You must be winding down towards the end of the year". Ummm, actually for us as a staff it is the complete opposite. Teachers have been completing reports, sorting out the Christmas Concert, entering data, sorting our prizegiving, year 8 leavers dinner ....

So if we are looking a little frazzled a smile always goes a long way!

I am in the middle of reading final reports and making comments. This has given me great joy reading about the progress of so many of our students. Maybe more pleasing for me though is reading about the effort that students are putting in.

I wish to thank everyone in advance for a great year. Sure we have had our trials at the beginning of the year with illness (including COVID-19) but as a whole we have showed perseverance. Have a great Christmas break and enjoy the time with your children. The best thing you can do is to continue to read to and with them.

Be Kind, Stay Safe,


PB4L Weekly Goal

Our School Values are very important to us here at Meeanee School. We believe in showing Respect, Excellence, Empathy, and Perseverance. While our students are in school or sports uniform we encourage the display of these values.

For the next two weeks we are focusing in on Excellence.

Stars of the Week

Congratulations to Ihaia, Aria, Darvina, Bree, and Iris.
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Congratulations to Bree for Canoe Polo. Paige, Mikayla, Stevie, and Ari for Netball. Ava, Brien, and Noah for Basketball.
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School Concert Evening 2022

We were gobsmacked by the numbers of people who turned out for our Christmas Concert Evening. It was fantastic to see so much extended family there to enjoy the performances and stalls.

For a first time we were really happy and picked up some tips for next time. We looked forward to the next community occasion.

The Meeanee Way - shared by a parent of the school

"So proud of the older girls in this photo (Paige, Sydney and Peyton) for stepping up as Meeanee reps.

I took them to watch Riley play netball and little did we know that the court next to us, didn’t have a team to play against (no shows). The girls got asked if they could put a Meeanee reserve team together so the other team could play a game.

The Meeanee reserves of course agreed and played (with Taylah and Eva making up the rest of team). They had a blast and Paige even scored a goal for the other team.

Just so proud of their attitude and willingness to try."

School Pool Key

At last night's Board of Trustees meeting it was decided that the price of Pool Key's would remain at $80. These keys are only available to school families.

End of Year Prizegiving 2022

On Friday the 16th December we will be holding our End of Year Prizegiving for 2022 at 11am. This year we are excited to invite our community back in to watch. Once prizegiving is finished students will be able to leave with their parents/caregivers.

Social Media (older students)

Once again I am being told about problems students are having with social media (this is not necessarily with other students from our school!). We do not encourage any Meeanee School student to have social media. It is not permitted to be used at school. As a school we can't control people outside of school hours.

If you don't know about the different social media apps please take a look at Netsafe.

Snapchat and Instagram especially seem to cause issues,,

Local Employment Opportunities

The NZ Census is undertaken every 5 years, the next being in 2023. If you would like to for approximately 7 weeks part or fulltime once the children have headed back to school in February, consider a Field Collector position. I have been allocated the Nelson Park/ Meeanee/ Clive area. If you live, or would like to work in this area, please contact me for further details.

Gill Scarlett 0211485821

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Sunday Market

Taradale Sunday Market is happy to support local, and is open weekly. For more info contact or look on facebook.

Upcoming Events

  • Year 8 Leavers Dinner - Wednesday 14th December
  • End of Year Prizegiving - Friday 16th December 11am (school finishes at 12pm)