Finch Evolution

Part 3 - Animals Ezekiel, Soung

The Rise of Finches

Birds have been around for a long time and they have always been changing. More specifically the Finches that the founder of evolution, Charles Darwin was studying. "There are 14 different species of Darwin's Finches with 13 of the species resident on the Galapagos islands." (Darwin's Finches) This being said there is a reason all of these different varieties of a type of bird exist, that is because of the minor differences in their environment that cause them to react differently to survive.

Why are there different finches?

There are so many because of their environment. "Apparently in response, the medium ground finch evolved to have an even smaller beak, making the species more adapt at eating small seeds that didn't interest the larger finch." (Instant Evolution) The main focus of these finches is the environment and furthermore that environment forces them to adapt because the seeds they need to eat to survive are there in different sizes, making it better to have a small, medium or large beak.

Adaptive Radiation

Adaptive radiation is defined as "Evolution of an animal or plant group into a wide variety of types adapted to specialized modes of life. Adaptive radiations are best exemplified in closely related groups that have evolved in a relatively short time" (The Editors). Finches evolve with one ancestor into different species.

Interesting Facts and More Information about Finches

"Darwin’s Finches vary by what they eat, some eat seeds and others eat insects." (Darwin's Finches)

"Very little is known about the reproduction of the 14 species of Finches on the islands, however, rain seasons and food production are known to effect their breeding cycles."
(Darwin's Finches)

"Once they settled on the Galapagos Islands, the finches adapted to their habitat and the size and shape of their beaks reflect their specializations." (Darwin's Finches)


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