Rollerball Remedy Make & Take Class

March 22nd @ 2:00 PM in Greenacres, WA

Bring a friend and learn how essential oils can better your health!

I will have a menu for you to choose from with rollerball remedy recipes and prices! You just come and pick which one fits you…and make it and take it! I provide all the supplies! Just RSVP to so I will have enough supplies for everyone & I can send you the address to the location!

FREE ZYTOSCAN if you bring a GUEST!!!

If you bring a guest, a free zytoscan will be available to you ($40 value) and your guest can receive a zytoscan as well for $10 ($30 discount). A zytoscan measures your body's responses to a specific library of nutritional products, asking your body which it prefers; this is called biocommunication. The software will then create a report showing which products your body prefers, guiding you toward better health!

Please contact: Denise Patton @ for reservations and location!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I learn to use essential oils?
    All of the oils are antiviral and antiseptic, some are just more effective on certain ailments than others. You have the following resources to guide you:

    1. The DōTerra Essential Oils Pocket Guide

    2. DōTerra Trainings with Dr. Hill or other company representatives

    3. Other experienced oil users, including your DōTerra organization leaders

    4. Educational Books, websites, etc. (there are many)

  2. How often can I apply the oils?
    There is really no set rule for how often to apply the oils. You have to make a mental shift from how we view using western medicine. For many of the things you will use the oils for, a couple of times a day is probably adequate to see results. However, other problems may require more frequent application.***

  3. How do I know where to apply the oils?
    The sole of the foot is a good place to start. Applying oils to the feet helps absorb into the system better than almost anywhere else. However, often it is better to apply to the area that is affected. For example, if you have digestion problems, apply the oils to the stomach, for a headache, apply the oils on the temple and hairline, for minor scrapes and cuts apply the right oil directly to the injured area. Keep oils away from eyes and ear canals.

Denise Patton with Special Guest, Racheal Kerfoot

There will be lots of great information! Get all your questions about essential oils answered and hear testimonies of how doTerra Oils have helped so many!