The Age of Exploration is Here!

By: Annie, Bella, Paige, and Cailin

Technology: MAPS FOR SALE

Can you imagine a world without the hardships of traveling? We have invented a map allowing easy on on the sea! Well, these are the new and improved exploration tools that make traveling less of a hassle!

This map can reduce travel time up to 50%, therefore, giving explorers more time to collect MORE gold and spices.

The new design makes reading and exploring maps easy.

Each new traveler can add to the maps, mark down what they see, and record what the land looks like.

Recording these new findings can help future travelers find their way to the new world and help discover new and easier ways to get to the trading spots. Christopher Columbus used the newly designed maps to make his exploration to the new world an easy navigation. He also had a cartographer go along with him to add onto the known imagery of the newly discovered land. This was to assure new travelers that they were headed into the right direction. Trust me, there is no better way of knowing where to go then to use the new maps ! They are affordable and worth the money.


Slave Trade

If you're looking for a hardworker either for plantations or to take care of household chores come down to the center of Mombasa, there will be a variety of over 200 African slaves being auctioned off. Each slave is in great condition and have all been trained to perform every task necessary to attain a lavish lifestyle for you and your family. So head on down to the center of Mombasa to claim your perfect slave! The auction starts strictly at 8 a.m and will end once the last slave has been sold. These slaves have come straight from Africa itself and has traveled a long and hard journey. Therefore, if they could withhold the horrid conditions on their journey oversea, they can most certainly work to your standards. Their backgrounds have been cruel, some poor, others suffering from starvation, and most were even captured by their own people, however, they have overcome the hardships and are ready to work!

Exploration Crossword Puzzle! Think Your Way to Success!

International News

Line of Demarcation and Potential Impact


Pope Alexander VI has made a very important announcement. Pope Alexander has decided to create a line dividing Spain and Portugal, this line is to be called "Line of Demarcation". The reason for him making this statement is because Ferdinand and Isabella had brought the idea to his attention. They say the only way this is possible is because of the Treaty of Tordesillas. The treaty of Tordesillas is the treaty signed between Spain and Portugal in 1494 which divided the non-European world between them. This treaty is an "easy pass" for Spain to trade and explore anywhere west of the line. This is starting some problem though, the line was pretty much an imaginary line, people started to ignore the line and go against the Pope's orders. This also isn't fair, some people who aren't catholic do not need to listen to what the Pope orders. In my opinion this is going to end up causing may issues regarding religion and who gets the land! That's the latest coming from us, keep up with this newspaper for follow up stories!

Live Interview

Slave Interview

Today our newspaper gets the rare chance to talk to a slave! We had a few questions that we were dying to know! Our reporter Isabella Shields was live in Africa with the slave. Her first question was "Why are you a slave?" The slave responded with, "Isabella, not everyone wants to be a slave. Some people were captured and then sold to be slaves, some had to because their families couldn't afford to pay a debut, or in my case I wanted to go into slavery because I was starving and needed a home to live in." Us here at the newspaper were shocked to that response, we had no idea! Isabella's next question was, "When being enslaved what did you have to do?" The slave thought for a moment and then said, "Isabella, it wasn't as bad as you would think. You see, I was a status symbol for men showing they were wealthy and powerful enough to own me. I wasn't beaten or talked badly to or about, I was we'll dressed and often right by the side of my master to be shown off to all of his friends. At the house I would clean, but I would be the server at all the parties. When you think about it, I really didn't have a bad life." The slave smiled. Isabella then asked, "Did you have to go through a lot of steps before becoming a slave?" The slave responded, " Sadly, yes. We had to get whipped into shape. Literally. We had to be mentally be broken so we could learn how to serve a master. They would beat us so we had no confidence. What confused me was right after that they would bring us to a place where we would be fed and cleaned. Soon, we learned it was just so we could look healthy and clean before we got auctioned off to the people dying to pay for our services." That's all the questions as had for the slave. We are grateful for his time and learned so much from our little time with him.


The Deaths of Great Explorers

Christopher Columbus - One of our very own explorers has passed away on May 20, 1506, in Valladolid, Spain. He survived by his 2 children Diego Columbus and Ferdinand Columbus. Columbus was an explorer who sailed to the Americas by searching for a water route from Europe to Asia. He also made the realization that the would was not flat, but round.

Vasco da Gama - A very adventurous man has left our presence on December 23, 1524 in Kochi, India. He was the first person to sail directly from Europe to India, rounding the Cape of Good Hope. He had 7 children, and was also married. He was one of the most successful explorers of our time.

John Cabot - Cabot has disappeared in the year of 1499. We assume he has passed away. He had 3 children; Sebastian Cabot, Lewis Cabot, and Sancius Cabot. He was an Italian navigator and explorer, and discovered much of a North America.



The Portuguese have acquired new territory in Southeast Asia, and are beginning to build an empire. Once Vasco da Gama sailed to India, the Portuguese burst into the Indian Ocean. The Portuguese made agreements with the princes in the land, promising protection from other European nations in exchange for authority over the land they were ruling. The Portuguese are also trying to end Muslim rule in this part of Asia and turn it into an all-Portuguese area.

They are acquiring outposts, such as the island of Goa. This is becoming their major military and commercial base. They are using these outposts as major trading cites to refuel and restock their ships that are continuing on their journeys. In very little time, they are building a trading empire, and it looks like nothing is stopping them. The Portuguese seem to be taking over trade of much of Asia.