The fault in our stars

By: John Green. Madison Boyd block one


Hazel Grace: Hazel is a teenager who is diagnosed with lung cancer. She got the cancer when she was 13 years old. The cancer started filling her lungs with air when it happened. Her mom and dad took her to the her to the hospital and eventually the doctor drained the water from her lungs. To keep it from happening they prescribed Hazel with a medicine that doesn't usually work on most patients but suprisingly worked on Hazel and made some miracles happen. Hazel is the protagonist.

Agustus Waters: Augustus is a teenager who was diagnosed with cancer and ended up having to have his leg amputated. He used to be a basketball player and was very good at it but didn't like that much. He got a fake leg and that's now what he usesnto walk. Augustus is the protagonist as well.

Isaac: Isaac is another one of the teenagers that goes to Hazel's club "In the heart of Jesus". He is a cancer patient who had it in his eyes. Isaac was blind in one eye but could see out of the other eye. But the doctors had to do another surgery on Isaac's eyes but after it he would!d be co pletely blind. His girlfriend dumped him because of it. She didn't want to have to be in a relationship where her boyfriend couldn't even see her so she broke up with him. I think of her as an antagonist but she's not really one.

Peter Van Houten: Peter Van Houten (p.v.h) was Hazel's favorite writer. When Hazel met Gus (Augustus) she told him all about him. He somehow ended up contacting Mr.Houten's assistant and she invited them to Amsterdam, Germany. They met him and he was extremely rude and intoxicated. He was playing loud foreign pop music. Mr.Houten is definetly one of the antagonists.

Theme, Setting, and Conflict & Plot

Theme;Moral: The moral of this story is about being thankful for what you have even if your diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and your boyfriend just died from cancer. You always have to be thankful for what you have and treat everyday like there won't be a tomorrow and give everybody the unconditional love and respect they deserve. That's what I think the moral of this story is.

Setting: The story starts off in Indianapolis. "The fault in our Stars" is technically set in Indianapolis, but its not the Indianapolis of tourists or even of normal residents who go to work and school each day. Its the Indianapolis of the sick.

Conflict & Plot: The plot is......... A girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer at age 13. She had water starting to fill up in her lungs and she couldn't breathe. Her parents took her to the hospital and eventually they drained out the water from her lungs. The doctors prescribed her with a medicine that doesn't usually work for other patients but somehow it did miracles with her. Time passed by and Hazel was all grown up but she wasn't allowed to move out. One day Hazel's mom thought that Hazel was depressed. So she took her to the doctor and the doctor said that she was but she wasn't. So the put her in a spirit group that was right in the heart of Jesus. One day a guy, Isaac, brought a friend , Augustus Waters. Gus wouldn't stop staring at Hazel and neither would she. After the session was over he talked to her outside and was already falling in love with her. Hazel told Gus about her favorite writer and somehow he ended up contacting his manager. She asked him and Hazel to go to Amsterdam, Germany to meet the Mr. Peter Van Houten. They delightfully accepted her offer and went to Amsterdam, Germany with Hazel's mom and dad. The assistant bought them dinner at a very nice restaurant. The two of them met Mr.Houten the next day. When they did meet him he was very rude to Hazel and Gus. They left Amsterdam for the United States shortly after the rude encounter with Mr.Houten. A couple days after they got back from Amsterdam Gus wanted to go and buy some cigarettes because he couldn't find them so he went to the corner store and ended up getting infected. He called Hazel and she called the police. They took Gus to the hospital and he had to be in a ,,wheel chair or else he would fall. Gus had to go to the hospital again. Eight days , later Augustus Waters died in the icu. At Augustus's funeral Peter Van Houten showed up and made Hazel very mad, he gave her a piece of paper but she crumpled it up not knowing what it was. When she got home she was talking to Isaac a d be asked if she had read the epilouge that Gus wrote for her. She went over to her car and opened up the crinkly piece of papaer she crumpled up. It was beautiful. She cried and cried and cried and wished it wasn't him but everyone goes for a reason.

Conflict: The conflict in this story I think is when their trips enjoyment was interrupted by Mr.Houten's lack of maturity and lots of ignorance.

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I really liked this book because it wasn't cheesy it was very descriptive about everything and it had a lot of quotes.

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