Cody Kindler

Carnival Glory ( cruise ship by carnival cruise lines )

Getting There

First off let me just say my cruise is out of Miami Florida and I live in Denver Colorado so getting there will one heck of a hasle. Now the airline I found is called spirit airlines and it is flying into Fort Luaderdale Florida also where my hotel will be now I will tell you about my hotel in the next section. One last thing is is the price to get there is $198 per person not bad same price comeing back. The flight will be about 4 hours both times. Also getting to the cruise port in miami will be a hasle but the cheapest thing I could do is take a taxi from the fort luaderdale airport to the hotel and a taxi from a hotel the next day to the cruise port in Miami, Florida and then on the cruise ship we go.

Where to Stay

I just got back from a cruise on the same ship and it was amazing so thats why im doing the same one again ( BEST CRUISE EVER ) now the hotel I am staying at is called hyatt place I stayed at one once and it is not that that expencive and the rateing is a 4.8 out of 5 so you know the service is good and that is what i experinced now the price for the hotel price is $250 per person and night but seeing the reviews. Thats cheap. The hotel is located near the Fort Luaderdale Hollywood airport and near the indusreal part of town and its a 15 minute drive to the wonderful florida beaches. And then the rest of time I will be on the cruise ship


The activities i found are scatterd around becuase it is a cruise I am doing but I will try my best to list them for you so first off in florida i will do a half day of fishing and go to a wonderful space museum and that would take up a whole day in florida and i would have lunch at starbucks and diner at chillis next my first stop of the cruise is nassua and that day for my activitys I will go scuba diveing and i will eat on the cruise ship for free day 3 I will be in the beutaful St. Thomas and i will go top shark encounters and coral world to kill a day is the U.S.V.I. Day 4 i will be in San Juan Puerto Rico food will be free and i will do a zipline and rainforest walk in the wonderful san juan. then my last day 5 of our 7 day cruise we will be in grand turk and i will go to gibbs bay for free its a beach and a nice one to I was there once and they have great snorkeling and scuba diveing. The total price for all of the activitys is about $500.000 dollars but that could change becuase of weather and ect. In conclusion to even things out we have two days at sea and five days at stops so ya plus the best part. All food on the ship is free and thats GREAT and the food is really good to i have had it before the best is the wonderful choclate chip cookies they have on board the ship MMM so good.


Now problums I may come across is ect. But to make sure I dont have to worry to much I will bring some extra money along with me so ya. You know just incase I need to buy some food or something but that most likely will not happen. But if I dont use that money for survial i will buy snacks and drinks at my stops becuase it will be hot and a fresh soda would be good . So ya extra money will be the solution to a proublum becuase you can use money on anything and one tip for you who are going to nassua. Dont wear anything flashy or you will be robbed. Im serious thoose dudes love to rob. Its a pretty place just not the safest. So ya this is what I will do for my proublums and solutions and I hope this will help you to.


In conclusion I think and know this trip will be great and I think I am ready to set sail with the wonderful things that bring me joy in life like the workers and ect. But anyways I am ready to start my wonderful vacation with all the great islands I will see and have fun with the friends I make on the ship and hang out with them in the islands I see and yea I am ready to start a refreshment in my life now. So theese are my conclusions and god bless you all

About the Traveler

Some of you may ask what kind of traveler am I. Now I will tell you. I am the kind of traveler who wants to see alot of places in one trip I dont want to settle in one place for a couple of days I want to see alot. So I looked at a couple of options and I saw a cruise! Ok I said a cruise that would let me see alot of places which is something that I wanted so that is the good thing about it. I love cruises and the good ones are not that expensive like carnival not all that expesiveand my favorite cruise live EVER! Cruises are not scary at all when I went on my first cruise I thought it would be scary but I loved it. So thats info about the kind of traveler I am I like to see many places in one trip and for a good price mine was only $709 dollars becuase I got a discount and on a wensday I got this info from travelocity and