Grace Q.

Franklin Peirce

Table Of Contents

1: All About Franklin Pierce

2: His Presidency

3: Jane Pierce

4: Stephen Douglas
5: Why Franklin Pierce was AWFUL

6: How to Become President

7: What I Think..

Chapter 1: All About Franklin Pierce


Do you know who Franklin Pierce was? He was the 14th President of the United States. Now I will tell you about his life.

Early Years

Franklin Pierce was born on Nov. 23rd 1804 in Hillsborough N.H. His father was Ben Pierce and worked for the goverment. He went to Bowdoin college in Maine and was a congress man for ten years. Then he met Jane Appleton and they got married. They had three sons but two died at a young age and the other was faltaly mangled. That was his life before presidency.

Presidential Life

Franklin Pierce was elected on March 4th 1853. His political party was Democrat. His presidency might be the worst presidency ever. That was because his vice president died 6 weeks after he started term and his last living son is fatally mangled in a train accident. Then he was forced to do something...


Franklin Pierce was forced to sign a contract that allowed slaves in Kansas and Nebraska territories. The person who pushed this on Franklin was Stephen Douglas. They had a fight but Stephen won. Stephen forced Franklin to sign otherwise he would make his presidency a living nightmare. So, Franklin had no choice but to sign it.

Leaving the White House

Franklin Pierce didn't get a second term because after his signed the Kansas-Nebraska Act, Bleeding Kansas broke out (it was called Bleeding Kansas because there were a lot of fights). He couldn't control it so he didn't get a second term and he had to leave the White House. Then he went to live in Concord, NH for the rest of his life. After Jane died on December 2, 1896, he started heavy drinking again. Then Franklin died of liver disease on October 5, 1899.

Chapter 2: His Presidency


Now the main part of Franklins life, his presidency.

The Three Little Sons.

Sons, people to play ball with, to enjoy grilling BBQ, and person to love for their walking lives. Yes a lot of people have the joy of a son but Franklin sadly didn't. His first two died of disease when they were infants. His last one died of a horrid train accident. So people said that he was mentaly unstable.

Begining Term

The begining of Franklin's term was as normal as it could be. The adverage work day: Wake up,eat breakfast,dress, work,papers,work papers,lunch,break,work,papers,work,papers,diner,work and papers,undress,bed. Yes Frank had a good begining term. But it was the middle and end that was ab-normal.

Middle Term

His middle term may be the worst part of his term EVER. It started out as a normal day in the white house then Stephen A. Douglas came in with his Kansas-Nebraska-Act. He made Frankloin sign but he refused. That was a mistake. A big fight started between the two and I bet you can guess who won. If you guessed Stephen your right. So Franklin sighed the Act but that was another mistake.

End Term

His end term was not pretty. When Franklin signed the act BIG fight broke out. (A.K.A Bleeding Kansas.) But he couldn't control it so he didn't get a second term. But he had to finish his first though. Wake up,eat breakfast,dress,work,papers,work,papers,lunch,work,break,papers,work,papers,diner,undress,bed. It was like that for the rest of his remaining term. So I guess its safe to say that Stephen got what he wanted.

Chapter 3: Jane Pierce

DING-DONG! the doorbell of the white house rings. "JANE CAN YOU GET THAT FOR ME? I'M VERY BUSY" called Franklin to his wife Jane. "OKAY" I call back sarcasticly. When I agreed to be his wife I never agreed to be First lady I mumble to myself. I open the door and its Stephen A.Douglas. "Hello Stephen Come on in" I say politely as let him in and close the door. But I smell hes up to no good. Esspeasialy with that piece of paper in his hand. "Where's Franklin" Stephen asks. "In the oval office" I reply. "Thanks" says Steve and he goes. I decide to follow him. When I reach the oval office Stephens already inside. I decide to come back late. I go to my room and take a quick nap. I wake up 3 hours later. "wow I must of been more tierd than I thought" I think to myself. I walk back to the oval office just in time to hear: "GET OUT OF MY OFFICE I NEED TO THINK!" That's the yell of Frank. "FINE" shouts the other voice. that must be Stephen. He opens the door to find: me. "Jane" he says. "Stephen" I reply. When he leaves I go into the office to see what happend."Here take a look at this" he says. I quickly skim it. " This is a contract for slaves in northern teritories. Oh what are you going to do"?

"I don't know" replies Frank. "Well just trust your gut and I'm sure It'll Be ok." i say trying to calm us both down. That was a mistake. He choose to sign it. So on May 30th 1854 he did. And that led us to leaving the white house on Mar. 3rd 1857. Then on Dec. 2nd 1869 I felt not so good and died.

Chapter 4: Stephen Douglas

I FELL HORROIBLE RIGHT NOW! I GET INSULTS EVERY WHERE I GO! " JERK!" and WHY DID YOU HAVE TO THREATEN THAT POOR PRESIDRENT!" are just a few of them. Really I'm against slavery and im not against slavery THAT ACT WAS FOR THE PEOPLE TO VOTE ON WETHER HAVING SLAVES OR NOT! HE JUST DIDN'T READ IT CORECTLY! You know what that contract started all this and I shouldn't of writen it any way. Well at least I got it sighned. Thats not bad at least. Now I know it will happen that's really good you know I don't fell so bad about this any more!

Chaper 4: Franklin Pierce was AWFUL

IntroductionresI bet you know at least one awful person. If you knew Franklin Pierce you would think he was awful. Franklin Pierce was awful because he couldn't control the country,he signed the K-N-A and with only one term he didn't acomplish much.

One reason Franklin Pierce was awful was he couldn't control the country. In comparison to Abe Lincoln on the success scale Abe would be a perfect 10! Franklin would be a 3- in my opinion. For example: he signed the K-N-A and that led him to his first and last term.

Another reason Franklin Pierce was awful was he signed the K-N-A. That was a horrid act. It aloud slaves in northern teritories! and he was forsed to do so. Lets all agree here that a president (even one as horrible as Franklin) should never be forsed to do something. The one who forsed Him to was Stephen A. Douglas and that wasn't good. So thanks to Stephen Franklin had no second term. I hope he was happy.

The last and final reason that Franklin Pierce was awful was he had no second term. That is just wrong. Every president should have the full time (eight (8) years) no matter the awesome or horrible he was. He had no second term because he couldn't control the country. He couldn't control it because bleeding Kansas was to strong. bleeding Kansas happend because he signed the K-N-A. See how every thing ties up here.

So do you think he was horrible or not? I do and I hope you do to.

Chapter 6: How to become president


With all this talk about presidedents I bet you wanna be one. Find out hoe in this handy how-to.


The first step in becoming president is having three (3) main qualifacations in order. The first one is you have to be born in the U.S. The second one is you have to be 35 years old. The last one is you have to be a U.S. resident for 14 years. If you have all of those GREAT! If you don't well try in a few or a lot of years.

P.P ( a.k.a Political Parties)

you have to be in a political party to be president. the choices are Republican or Democrat. I'm a Republican myself. If you have one ALL RIGHT. If not (this means your neurtral) then good-by to you.

2 main people.

good you meet the qualifacations and have a political party now you have to make it into the finals. next you need to have a speech prepared. A cannidate with no speech isn't a canidate. If you don't like giving speeches in front of a lot off people then this job isn't for you.

Winning support

So... you've got all of the qualifacations, you have a P.P and you made it into the finals. AWESOME! Now you have to be elected. And win support. Kiss babies, aprove mesages, give speeches DO WHAT YOU CAN TO WIN!


it's election day! there's nothing a canidate can do at this point but watch the news.It'll show you america and the person they voted for in each state. I wish you good luck!

Chapter 7: What I Think...

What I think about the topic I reasearched is that it was cool to learn abou the life of a president even though he was awful. If I were President I would think it was so hard to be one. When had to give a speech I would faint right in front of everybody. And all that work would drive me CRAZY! Espesially with all that cool stuff in the white house like bowling, swimming pool, golf and much more. I don't think i would want to be a president EVER!


Election- something that choses a winner for somthing.

Faltaly-Mangaled- when your head get cut of because of something

Heavy drinking- Drinking Alcohol

President- a person who runs the country

Threaten- making somone do something or you'll do what ever to them