The poorest country in Latin America.

Background Information

The Capital of Nicaragua is Managua.

Two major cities are León and Masaya.

It was once controlled by Spain.

It gained independence in 1838.

The official language is Spanish.

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Geographical Information

Nicaragua is located in Central America. It is bordered by the Carribean sea and the North Pacific Ocean. It is between Costa Rica and Honduras.

Three of the physical features are the Cerro Negro volcano, Lago de Nicaragua, and the Masaya volcano.

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Political and Diplomacy Information

Nicaragua has a republic government.

The president is Daniel Ortega.

Nicaragua is on good terms with other countries.

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Economic and Trade Information

The currency of Nicaragua is a córdoba.

The economic system is capitalism.

Nicaragua imports petroleum products, consumer goods, machinery and equipment, and raw materials. They import these goods from Venezuela.

Nicaragua exports coffee, beef, gold, sugar, peanuts, shrimp and lobster, tobacco, and cigars. They export these goods to the United States, Venezuela, Canada, El Salvador, and Costa Rica.

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Tourist Information

You should visit Nicaragua! They have beautiful tropical beaches. If you go, you should see the volcanoes, go to the beach, go to the Corn islands, go fishing, and go hiking.
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