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October 2022

Brief Construction Update

The construction project on the backside of campus is coming along! As you can see below, we've gone upright with a few steel beams and we are starting to see the general shape of our new CTE building. In the picture on the right, the area where all the white trucks are parked will eventually be where the new second gym resides. The current plan calls for a completion date near the beginning of school next year!

Hispanic Heritage Month and Frida Kahlo's Art

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, students celebrated the uniqueness of Frida Kahlo's art as part of our identity unit. This iconic artist overcame many adversities and used her paintings as an outlet to share many of her life experiences. Throughout her artistic career, Frida shared many self-portraits that tell the story of her joys and her physical and emotional pain. For this project, students created their own self-portraits using Frida Kahlo's surrealism style and used images and symbols to share key components that make up their own identity.

Robotics is Back!

VEX robotics season is finally back! Recently, we had one of our teams (2496X) head up to Mt. SAC for a 22-team competition. After Qualifications matches, the team finished with a 7-1 record and a #2 seed going into the tournament. t the end of the tournament, 2496X emerged victorious winning their first competition of the season!

Congrats to: Ayla, Sofia, Yousef, Brandon, Amy, Aayush, Deven, and Hasan

Elements T-shirt Project

Students focused on the element of art "texture" and a principle of design of their choice. Students used photography and Adobe Photoshop to create a unique piece of art that they could take away and wear. Students used their own photography and embedded their names along with imagery, so they could personalize their product.

This was an unconventional way of displaying their work, but they had “fun” seeing their images printed on fabric. Getting their work out of a framed gallery setting and, in the community, shows off their style. Students can now wear their “ Photography as fashion” and display it to friends and family. The Advance Visual Imagery students used t-shirts and fabric bags that were provided through the TPSF Enrichment Grant, as well as learning how to use the fabric printer to finalize their designs. This real-world application provides them with skills through a creative process.

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PTO Corner

Our PTO has been busy! Details and pictures of the New Student Luncheon, Honor Roll donuts, and more can be found in their newsletter here!

Recent BTV Episodes

Beckman Beat 9/14/22

From the Nurse

The Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) has seen an increase in admissions from both COVID -19 and the flu. The American Academy (AAP) of pediatrics recommends students receive the flu and COVID-19 vaccination, eat healthy meals, get sufficient sleep, and participate in daily physical activity.

Often, it is difficult to determine if your illness is caused by the COVID-19 virus, the flu virus or the common cold. Therefore, it is important to stay home to avoid spreading illness to others and give your body a chance to rest. Please stay home from school if you are ill. Currently, the CDC recommends you wait 5 full days after exposure to test for COVID-19. If your symptoms improve and you are well enough to return to school, wearing a mask is considerate to those around you.

Please consult with your doctor if you have questions or concerns regarding an illness and feel free to contact me, the school nurse.

Tina Takahashi BSN, RN

District Nurse (714) 290-3844


COVID-19 and Your Health. (2020, February 11). Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Retrieved September 12, 2022, from

American Academy of Pediatrics Offers Safety Tips for the Return to School. (n.d.). Retrieved September 12, 2022, from