Monthly Newsletter

November 2019

Classroom Notes!

Recess: With the colder weather coming at the end of

October, we are reminded that jackets are very necessary at

this time of year. Please make sure your child has a warm

coat, mittens/gloves, and a hat to go out to recess every day.

When there is snow on the ground, please have your child

wear snow pants and snow boots so they can play outside.

Breakfast: Remind your child that if they are hungry in the

morning or don’t have time to eat at home, they can go to

the cafeteria to eat breakfast when they get off the bus.

Book Orders: Book orders will be due on November 10th.

Books are always a great gift option for your child. If you

would like to order books for your child and want to keep

them as a secret so you can give them as a gift, simply send

the book order in an envelope with my name on it and write

“GIFTS” at the top of the order form. When the books come

in, I will put the books in an envelope or bag so your child

can’t see them.

Conferences: Scheduling for a conference is done again via

“Sign Up Genius” again this year. Please contact me with any

questions or problems using this method. I am looking

forward to discussing your child and their progress during

this very important time together!

What's Happening!

What we are learning or going to be learning…

Writing Workshop

* Summarizing Non-Fiction

-Summarizing a passage: paragraph by paragraph

-Identifying important information

(who/noun, what, where, when, how/why)

-Writing a summary sentence for each paragraph

-Continuing to write compare and contrast



*Solving Word Problems with Tables

~creating tables and interpreting data

~use methods to solve problems involving


~write comparison problems

~solve multistep word problems

*Angles and Polygons

~make and describe right, acute, and obtuse angles

~naming triangles and finding perimeter and area

~rotate, translate, and reflect figures


*Summarizing Fiction - Retell stories and

demonstrate understanding of the main

message, identify character, setting, and main

events (somebody, wanted, but, so then).

*Historical Fiction – Understand that historical

fiction features characters and plots that

happened in history although characters and

some events may be made up.

*Visualizing and Making Inferences

Good Readers:

-visualize (create pictures in their mind/play

a movie of the word) when they read

-make connections to other books,

themselves or the world when reading

-identify clues that suggest author meaning

Word Work

~Long and Short u

~Changing Plurals

~Prefixes ex-, non-, in-

~Prefixes un-, bi-, tri-


Social Studies: Peopling of the US, Northeast

Region, Southeast Region

Science: Properties of Matter, Changes of Matter

One Last Thing....

Lastly, 1st quarter is quickly coming to an end and I would like to again take this opportunity to express to you what a GREAT group of fourth graders I have! They are doing a fantastic job with coming to school with their homework completed when needed, being ready to learn, and making growth in their academics. They are doing awesome and make it enjoyable for me to come to work each day!

Thank you also for your continued support at home!

Mrs. Schleper