miranda maughmer

student at new lexington middle school


Softball is my favorite sport. I have been playing ever since i was 6. I play travel, rect and fall ball. I have never missed a year of softball. Sometimes i get really angry t my self if i make a mistake. I have been playing for 9 years. I like softball because it makes me so active. I always have fun, and you can meet so many new people. Its ever communicational.


You should never miss a practice. You should always try your best. No matter when or where the practices are you should always go. "Practice makes perfect". You will do better in games. You could get college application. You will sometimes have practices early and some later in the evening, the same thing goes with games.


Softball is a very active sport. You run, you slide, you catch ad you throw, but most of all you have fun. Softball is a fun and active sport because while your running and you come in for a drink you then communicate with your friends, and have a laugh or two.

Travel Softball

Travel softball is more competitive then rect softball. You travel out of state for tournaments and/or games. You have more practices and longer practices. You have a lot more games and tournaments in travel than rect, but travel is no different than rect. You still but everything you got into it. You should never give up and you should always try your best.