The Virginia Colony

The (Real) City That Never Sleeps


You're in luck! For a limited time, travel is free via the Virginia Company, an English firm that will sponsor your voyage as long as you find gold and valuable natural resources and ship them back to England.
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Religion: Virginia has laws mandating worship in the Anglican church, which is supported by tax dollars.

History: The inception of Virginia was one full of displacement of the native peoples. An important Native American chieftain, Powhatan, was situated in the Virginian land. Settlers kicked the natives off of their land for the purpose of growing tobacco. However, not all settlers were land-owning, which caused the poor settlers and slaves to stage uprisings against the governor and the wealthy. Most noticeably, Bacon's Rebellion was caused by poor settlers wanting harsher measures against Native Americans, so that they could own land for themselves. The rebellion was tempered and the House of Burgesses passed laws to regulate slavery, to stop future uprisings.

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There are multiple must-see places!

Location 1: House of Burgesses

A true staple of American heritage. A legislative assembly, similar to that of England's Parliament, that was established by the Virginia Company. It gets its world-wide recognition through its claim to be the first European-type legislative body in the New World.

Location 2: Tobacco Plantations

Tobacco, a staple cash-crop of Virginia, can be seen growing anywhere! The climate and soil are all perfect for it creation. It is the main driver of Virginian economic growth, but had adverse effects, like major social and economic divisions between landowners and those who were not. As a result of the focus on Tobacco, the slave trade was also extensive and an integral part to Virginian success.

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Why Come Here?

Virginia is a great colony with great historic importance. Whether its the House of Burgesses or the numerous tobacco plantations, Virginia is interesting. If you're looking to make money on cash crops, or to be close to the heart of the nation, you've come to the right place. Secure a ride with the Virginia Company today!