Madeline Thomas

Hi there! I'm Maddie.

I'm from a small town in Ohio but I have dreams that stretch across the whole world.

I studied abroad last spring semester in Aix-en-Provence, France. It was truly a wonderful experience that opened so many doors for me. I'm not even considering a job in the Midwest after student teaching-- now that I know what is out there, I want to go everywhere! Within the U.S. I will go anywhere where there are mountains and internationally, I'm open for any opportunities that come my way, from England to Uganda.

I've wanted to be a teacher since I was very little. My grandma is a teacher and she has always been my inspiration. Her dedication and flexibility have stood the test of time. She is retiring at the end of this semester... at age 75!

As an elementary student myself, I had so many positive experiences with my teachers which I hope to recreate in my own way for the next generation. I also love to learn and can't imagine never going back to school after graduation.

I will be certified to teach French K-12 and Elementary K-5 after student teaching and while I'm not sure where this will lead, I know it will be an adventure. Whether I teach high school or elementary, I look forward to challenging my students to reach their full potential. I also believe in a very well rounded curriculum that applies to the interests and learning styles of all of my students. This is why I am excited to learn teaching strategies for incorporating music.

As far as music goes, it has always been around me, but aside from a band stint in middle school and being in the musicals in high school, I prefer to be a spectator rather than a performer. I don't mind performing, but I don't feel very well qualified and I like to watch people who are much more talented. Other than that, I just love listening to my iPod.