Basic Transfer

Created by Tricia Martinez

Basic Transfer Facts

Basic Transfer donates money to woman in poverty. Tricia Martinez has always been interested in poverty and how no one can find a way to scale it or eliminate it. The company looks to empower woman around the world through direct cash transfers.

When making a Basic Transfer

Basic Transfer's goal is to lift woman out of extreme poverty through cash donation creating an immediate and long term impact. When one makes a basic transfer, the woman who are signed up with the program get a text message notification. The company believes that giving a cash donation gives woman and families a choice on how they want to live.

Tricia Martinez and Bill Gates

My 2 entrepreneurs portray a lot of the same qualities and some different qualities as well. Both of them are hardworking, passionate, and enjoy giving back. Tricia Martinez's whole company is based on giving back and helping people in need. Even though Bill Gates's company makes money, he gives millions and millions of dollars back to poor people as well as education research.
Women: The New Face of Poverty in America