What to do in a zombie apocalypse

By: Zack

What to do if there is a zombie attack?"

First of all, What do you do if you got in a zombie apocalypse? in this topic i will show you how to survive, what to do and not what to do. You do not panic and start running around like a crazy person, take a big breath and go get as much food as you can and alot ffriendsecommend to take a bow or any weapons that you can hit the zombies in the head with. i don't recommend a gun because it can attract more zombies to your area, make sure to be in a high area where zombies cannot reach you and build a big fance that keeps them out just in cease they get up somehow. Make sure to build two tent, make a fire camp and make sure to have to have a small light at night while you are sleeping so zombies don't get attracted to your place. Moving on to food, have a lot of foods with you find somewhere safe where there is a fridge to keep it safe and make sure that no one steals it it is important to keep them safe so you don't starf to death. it is also important to share foods with your friends that are also with you and don't be a meany. If you see a zombie coming your way make sure to hit him as hard as you can in the head so they die and other zombies won't be attracted. If you have a sniper with silencer on it you can shoot zombies from very long distance from your shelter