Subi's Yard Sale

If you want the best come to us

Our Stuff

We have tons of things you want at my yard sale like yoga mats,rocking chairs,tables,foil wrap,clean water bottles,paint,toys,cups,tea pots,clothes,hangers,flowers,paintings,Easter eggs,Christmas trees,Christmas stockings,cloth,and tons of other things.
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About us and our yard sale

We are very precise about what we give you. We add full color to everything that is old and we make it beautiful just for you. We also give everything clean and nothing broken and we give everything at a fair price like $10.00 for two yoga mats or $6.00 for 30 Easter eggs so... come to us.

Where To Find Us

Now that you know about us come over and pick out what you like because we know you will love us and our stuff so come over and pick out your stuff! ! !