Aloe Vera Dia-Health For Diabetes

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Get Aloe Vera Gel for Diabetes from Yeturu

Yeturu "Aloe Vera Dia-Health" is an Ayurvedic supplement for Diabetics to lead a healthy active life. Time tested Ayurvedic extracts and herbs are formulated with Aloe Vera to help control and stabilize blood sugar levels while increasing the efficiency of the pancreatic insulin to break down the sugars for better absorption by the body.

More Info About the Product

Aloe Vera (Kumari), Gurmar (Madhunasini) (the sugar killer - ‘gur’ - sweet ‘mar’ - kill), Asana and Jamun are most widely used Ayurvedic herbs in the treatment of Diabetes. Guduchi, Asana, Neem, Shilajit and Haridra not only help in controlling blood sugar levels but also in reducing cholesterol levels. They play an important role providing vitality and youthfulness to the user. Guduchi is the ‘Amrita of Ayurveda’ imparts longevity of good healthy life. Yashtimadhu, Bael and Jamun help as diuretic also Haridra (turmeric) helps in healing diabetic ulcers and other diabetic inflections in particular the feet.

Diabetes affects heart, Kidneys, eyes, nerves, skin wrinkling and wound healing.

Control Diabetes to lead a healthy life.

No water, colour or flavour added.

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YETURU is a fully integrated company manufacturer of highest quality Aloe Vera based natural health care, personal care and skin care products.