Basic/Introductory information

Lipids are a group of organic compounds produced by plants and animals that include fats, waxes, and oils.

Butter, vegetable oil, and bees wax are all examples of lipids. Plants store lipids in their seeds and animals store them in their skin. Humans actually use lipids in everyday things like lubricants and cleaners. Everyday soaps and detergents we use have lipids in them.

Function of the macromolecule in living things

People eat lipids in their food as part of a healthy diet, plants use lipids in their seeds, and other animals use them for their skin. Lipids are needed for normal growth, important for a healthy human diet and are needed for growth, healthy skin, and blood clotting.


Lipids are either saturated or unsaturated. An example of unsaturated would be olive oil and an example of saturated would be butter.

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I use lipids every day when I use soap to shower and wash my hands. I also use them when I do my laundry.