European Country Project: Norway

By: Willian Bugal

Country basics:

Norway, the name dates back to mediaeval times.Originally the name "Norway" came from the saying "Old Norse", which meant "-The old northern route." Which then also had some terms ,for example the word "austrvegr" the meaning "-The land in the east","vestrvegr" the meaning "-the lands in the west", and ect.The capital of Norway is Oslo and the flag is red with a blue cross outlined in white that extends to the edges of the flag; the vertical part of the cross is shifted to the hoist side in the style of the Dannebrog (Danish flag) ,the colors where influenced by France,The US, and Great Britain also considered the colors of liberty and independence. The cross also represents its connection with Scandinavia.


Norway is located in the northern part of Europe bordering the north sea and the north Atlantic Ocean, west of Sweden. It has 1,001-2,000 scattered mountain ranges that cover almost 2/3 of the entire country. Some major sites to see, land marks, in Norway are The Land of midnight sun, Oscarsborg Fortress, Urnes Stave church, and Trollstigen Mountain Road. Two of the biggest bodies of water near Norway are the Baltic sea and the Gulf of Bothnia. Some forms of Human Environment Interaction are: 3% of arable land, NA%Permanent crops, 27% of forest & woodland, 70% of other, Population: 4,525,116 (July 2002 est.) . I don't notice any concerning problems except for the population, and its not major but in my opinion the country seems just a little to small for the mount of residence living there, but it doesn't seem to be bother them so there is know need to worry.


The Constitutional Monarchy of Norway is lead by Eraa Solberg (prime Minister) ,King Harold ,and Queen Sonja, but there is also a Council and different branches of government. The leaders are chosen in court and the king is chosen through birth rights. Everyone is expected to respect for law and order, to keep the communities safe.


In Norway the GPD is $138.7 billion dollars, that's equivalent to $1,176.176 Billion (NOK) = "Norwegian Krone oere." -Norwegian currency!

Main Import: total value - $33.5 billion

Main Export: total value - $58 billion

Life Expectancy =

-Total:78.94 years

-male:76.01 years

-female:82.07 year

Birth Rate =

-12.39 birth

-1000 population

Literacy Rate =

-15 years: read/write

-Total: 100%

-M/F: NA%

Drinking Water:

Only around seven per cent of Norway’s fresh water is characterised as ground water, and accounts for a mere 15 per cent of the water consumption. This is very low compared to many other countries in Europe and is due to the country’s abundant supply of surface water. 10 out of 35 of the worlds highest waterfalls belong to Norway, and several of their lakes and rivers affected by hydropower regulations, in fact 70% of Norway's waterways run on hydropower.


Traditional Clothing - worn in Norway is usually dresses full of color with embroidered pieces paired with hand made accessories made from gold or silver

Modern wear - in Norway is VERY casual, for example sports clothes and blue jeans are highly popular and worn year round, but when summer rolls around most Norwegians DO NOT hesitate to just strip down in to their bathing suit and go around everywhere and anywhere! So don't be surprised to see a someone in a gift shop only wearing a bathing suit!

The primary languages spoken in Norway is Bokmal, Saami, Lappish.

Major holidays celebrated are:

- Constitution day, May 17

- Ascesion day, May 14

- Whitmonday, May 25

- Boxing day, Dec. 26


- Evangelical Lutheran (86%) state church

- Protestant & Roman Catholic (3%)

- None/Unknown (10%)

- Other (1%)

Norwegian Cuisine is best known for its grand

history and uniqueness, here is just two of a many

of Norway's best and most popular dishes :

1).Pinnekjott - a salted and dried rack of lamb ribs which are

sometimes smoked but are usually steamed over some birch

branches. Served with a side of sausages and home made mashed

potatoes with swedes. A typical Christmas meal at home in Norway!

2).Smoked Salmon or Røkt Laks:

"Salmon is a key part of a Norwegian diet, as the country’s

long coastline and many fjords produce ample amounts of

fish. Due to the colder temperatures, the fish grow more

slowly, allowing them to develop a deeper flavor. While salmon

forms the basis of many Norwegian dishes, it can also be

served on its own, mostly in a smoked form, which is known

as Røkt Laks. Another way of preparing salmon is known as

gravlaks, which literally translates as ‘buried salmon’. Using

a blend of salt, dill and sugar, the salmon goes through a process

of dry curing for 24 hours. Don Pippo restaurant in Bergen serves

a variation of røkt laks with their røkt ørret or smoked trout dish.

For a more unique dining experience, try Kjerag Café & Restaurant,

also known as The Eagle’s Nest, for succulent salmon and panoramic

views from Lysebotn and the Lysefjord."


General weather conditions in Norway are temperate along coast modified by North Atlantic currents;colder interior ;rainy year round on the west coast. Major droughts effect the accessibility of water and raises the scarcity levels.

Average yearly/monthly temperatures (list):

1).Jan. (-3⁰c)

2).Feb. (-3⁰c)

3).Mar. (2⁰)

4).April (5⁰c)

5).May (12⁰c)

6).June (11⁰c)

7).July (18⁰c)

8).Aug. (16⁰c)

9).Sep. (12⁰c)

10).Oct. (7⁰c)

11).Nov. (2⁰c)

12).Dec. (0⁰c)

Total average: 4.75⁰c

Average yearly rainfall:

*1,414mm per year


In 1960s Norway discovered that oil and gas where in the near water ways ,boosting up the country's economy. In addition to that since 1979 Norway has acted as a mediator in solving conflict between the government of Sri Nanka and Tamils, who went want to separate from it helping create peace between country's & its-self.

Compare & Contrast :

1).One example is that in the us in the US the language most commonly used is English, but in Norway their official language is Bokmal (commonly Known as the Norwegian, language).

2).Another example is the different types of government each country has, (OBAMA!!!^)

because in Norway the government is lead by a monarchy, While as the US has a president. But both groups have 3 branches of government.



3).The US has almost up to $17.50 trillion dollars in GPD compared what to Norway has which is only about $139 billion, that's not even half of what the US is making.

4).Only 4.3 million live in Norway while more than 316 million live within the US.



5).Both have severe drought issues in curtain parts of the country.

6).Both have three branches of government.

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