Mrs. Swartout's Newsletter

Sept. 12-16


CGI Word Problem of the Day:

Each day students will be receiving a word problem to solve in their math notebooks. There are three sets of numbers that students are able to pick from to solve the problem. These word problems for this month will focus on addition and subtraction. Students will learn the keywords that will help them decide the type of problem that is being asked.

Chapter 1: Place Value

We have started our first unit of the year which will focus on place value. Inside of your child's 13-pocket folder in the math section is vocabulary flashcards, please be studying these words every night. Also, on the back side of the flashcards are questions to practice the skill. If students complete the questions prior to the test and turn it in they will be able to receive an extra credit point which will be credited towards their math test.

We worked on four lessons this week. The first lesson focused on how place value helps represent the value of numbers. The next lesson worked on reading and writing multi-digit numbers (standard form, expanded form, and word form). The third lesson worked on comparing numbers using greater than, less than, and equal to. The last lesson of the week was on ordering numbers from greatest to least or least to greatest. We finished up our week by taking a quick check my progress quiz.

Our first chapter test will be on Thursday, Sept. 22nd before we leave for the Mass.


We started off the week with learning the different parts of the Bible. Students learned how to find the book, verse, and scripture lines by doing a Bible scavenger hunt. Also, we had our first lesson in our Steps to Respect. We defined the word respect and discussed strategies on how to think things through before having an action. We finished up the week starting chapter one in our religion book. The focus for the first chapter is that God created everything. We heard the Bible scripture Genesis 1: 1-31, 2: 1-4.

The first religion test on chapter one will be on Tuesday, September 20th.

Our Class Mass-Corrected Date

This year we will partake in two class masses. Our first class mass will be on September 28th and the second one in January.


Our first English unit of the year is nouns. This week we focused on common nouns, proper nouns, plural nouns, and nouns ending with "y".


Our story this week was My Diary from Here to There. The comprehension skill focused on making inferences using our schema's to help make the inferences. The six new vocabulary words that we learned were: border, boycotts, citizen, opportunities, strikes, and unions. The reading selection test will be given each Thursday. Students will be bringing home their book on Wednesday to reread the story.

Reading selection tests will be given every Thursday unless otherwise stated.

Social Studies

We started our first region; the Southwest. Students got to search and create their first map. The focus this week was on the geography of the Southwest and the learning about each state's uniqueness. They took their first capitals and abbreviations quiz on Thursday.

The chapter 10 quiz will be on Monday, Sept. 19th (this will be an open book and notes test)

The chapter 11 quiz will be on Friday, Sept. 23rd.


This week's spelling list will be tested next Friday, September 23rd. This is the only list that will last for two weeks. Please make sure to be studying the rules/ notes that the students are taking on the spelling list sheet. The rules are tested. The first spelling list of the year focuses on the doubling rule, silent "e" rule, and the "y" rule. I have posted the spelling list on my website if it becomes lost. I did explain to the kids to bring their list to and from school daily, so it should stay in their 13-pocket folder.

We will have our first spelling test on Friday, Sept. 23rd.


Next week we will start NWEA testing in reading, math and language arts. Please attempt to make appointments until after school. Thank you! The times we will be testing will be Monday through Wednesday from 10:30-11:25 a.m.

Mass of the Holy Spirit

Next week on Thursday we will be leaving around 9:15 a.m. to attend the Mass of the Holy Spirit at the Saints stadium. Please dress in uniform and remember that we will be outside so dress or bring appropriate attire. If you are a chaperone for the field trip you have been contacted by Mrs. Kirby, please be at school in my room around 9:10 a.m.


Please remember that Monday we will still be doing the Septemberfest carpoool.

Homework for the Parents

Please make sure to be checking to see if your child's homework is completed nightly. We have had a lot of late or not completed assignments. Although points are not taken off, the child isn't able to participate fully in the conversations and review. Thank you!

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to Dash (9/16)! We hope you have a great day.

Teresa Fraher-Room Mom

Thank you to Teresa Fraher (Ben's mom) for stepping up and being our room mom for the year!