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February 8, 2019

New Year, New OwlFeed

Happy 2019! With another semester of OwlFeed gone, new writers are bringing tons of fresh new stories for you to read! It is only fitting to introduce you to the new OwlFeed journalists, so that is exactly what we are going to do, as well as our typical stories! With love in the air, we hope you enjoy this Newsletter! Happy Valentine's!

-Lauren Mitchell, Editor In Chief

By: Lauren Mitchell

Through the past Christmas and New Year, 800,000 federal workers have gone without pay due to the government shutdown. The newest government shutdown started on December 22nd, and ended January 25th, the longest in history. The last government shutdown was in October 2013 and went on for 13 days, which was the third-longest U.S. government shutdown.

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By: Naomi Metoyer

The year 2019 is yet to be a month in, and already it has made history. The 116th Congress is so divided concerning the President’s urging for funding of a wall on the southern border that the government has actually shut down. Though not the first time this has ever happened, 2019’s shutdown has already become the longest in the history of the United States.

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Meet Some New OwlFeed Members!!!

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A Poem by Matthew Willarch

Big picture

A Personal Apocalypse: EP 1 Apathy

In this room I sit

In this room like a stone

In this room I sit all alone

In this room I sit without a choice

In this room I sit I heard a voice...

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