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I found the article below on a site called "", I thought it was perfect for this time of the year.


I understand that end-of-the-school-year feeling. I know that you are tired and overwhelmed. I know how much you have to get done and how mentally and physically draining finishing a school year is.

I know you’re ready for the summer. But I want to encourage you – finish the year strong!

I promise the summer will be here soon. But until then, don’t phone it in. Don’t coast. Don’t just go through the motions.

You only have a few more days to impact your students. Don’t waste that time. Don’t give up yet. These last few days can make all the difference!

How to Finish the School Year Strong

  1. Don’t coast; instead, be more intentional. Don’t allow yourself to go on autopilot. Instead, choose to be intentional about making these last days count. Set one or two end-of-the-year goals and make it a priority to do all you can to influence your students during these last few days.

  2. Keep first things first. When you’re overwhelmed and there are a million things to do, remember to keep first things first. Focus on what really matters and realize that the rest will get done eventually.

  3. Draw on relationships you’ve built. You’ve spent a whole year building relationships with your students and their parents, and as a result, you likely have more influence now than you ever did before. Take advantage of every opportunity to speak the truth and impact their lives.

  4. Strategically prioritize what to teach. If you’ve got way more material to cover than you have time to teach, don’t just keep plodding along. Instead, sit down and decide what is most important for them to learn. Then focus on that.

  5. Don’t plan to finish teaching too early. For those of you who are right on track and are about to finish your curriculum, I have a word of caution for you – don’t finish too early. One of my first years I finished my math curriculum a week early, planning review games for the last week. The problem was that once I told the kids we were done with the book, I had trouble keeping them focused and out of trouble for the last few days. Since then, I’ve decided to have my last test closer to the last day of school.

  6. Communicate with parents. Don’t just turn in your final grades and walk out the door. Take the time to have one last communication with the parents of kids who have struggled in your class. Give them suggestions of things they can do over the summer to help prepare their student for the next year. Even if you don’t think they’ll heed your advice, taking a few moments to send them a final email shows them how much you really do care about their student.

  7. Try to leave things as organized as possible. Notice I said try. I know how much there is to do, but the more organized you can leave things now, the smoother things will go next fall. So take a few moments to jot down notes for yourself of what worked and what didn’t. And maybe even to tackle those disastrous desk drawers. (Do I dare even mention the closet?)

  8. Decide to enjoy these last days. Simple but profound. Instead of counting every moment till you’re done, choose to enjoy these last days you have with this group of students. It will soon be over and you’ll be relaxing. But this opportunity – your time with these students – will be done. So choose to enjoy these days while you have them and to view them as a gift. This one mental decision will impact everything else you do.

Teacher Appreaction Week

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Monday a "Breakfast 4 Champions" will be catered for teachers and staff. Please stop by the teachers lounge and enjoy.

Also, NTA life will be providing lunch, see information below.

To: All Employees


Monday, May 2, 2016 from 10:30 - 1:30 in the Lounge

There will be Subway Lunch provided and it is ok to come for the food!!

We have had a tremendous response to these programs, and in many cases the teacher rates may be half the cost of your current programs.

Just grab the information, take a sandwich, and have a great day!

On/Off Job Accident Pay with Home Recovery

Disability Income Pay

Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, and ICU Benefits

Current Customers Please Come, You may be due Cash Benefits!

Click on the link below to vote for Teacher/Staff member of the 5th six weeks

Lead Teachers

Team ,

LISD is working to streamline the school supply qualification and distribution process even more and are asking for more direct support from the campus administrators. They are aiming to serve at least the same number of students in years past, but would like our help in the identification and selection of students who are most in need (think about your student services cases, hardships and students on free lunch).

Get with your team to select the students, include on the google doc below: name, addresses, grade level, and ID # , I need to turn this in by Tuesday, May 10, 2016. Let me know if you have any questions.

Here is the campus count breakdown:

70 students from the Elementary campuses (approximately 10 per grade level)

EOY iStation Testing Pk-5th

On Monday, May 2nd, we will begin the reading EOY iStation assessment during computer CLAMP time. Pk-2nd will attend computer with their students on their assigned day and assist in monitoring the assessment with Ms. Casteel.

PK-2nd teachers, during your intervention computer time in the lab the math EOY will be assessed, classroom teachers and Ms. Casteel will monitor the assessment the same way as the reading was conducted

DO NOT GIVE AN ON-DEMAND ASSESSMENT, it will be seen as a testing violation. Active monitoring is key, be in the power zone at all times.

Staff Meeting

Wednesday, May 4th, 4pm


STAAR Testing

  • Test Administrators, please bring your TA manual if you still have it in your possession

New Dismissal for car riders

Teacher/Staff member of the 5th six weeks