Walter Elias Disney

It all started with a mouse.

Walt Disney's Early Life

Walt Disney was born in Chicago on December 5,1901.His childhood was hard he was put to work at 9 years old as a mail kid.He had only eighth grade education.He lived most of his childhood in McClellan Missouri where he began drawing painting and selling paintings to his neighbors.His father was Elias Disney and his mother was Flora Call Disney.Then in 1911 his family moved to Kansas city and had 4 siblings named Roy, Herbert,Raymond and Ruth.

Education and Career

Walt didn't have grate education he started school at age 8 and and went to McKinley high school. when he was in eighth grade it costed to much so his dad had him drop out so he would stay at home and work part time with his dad. Once he had enough money he went to Chicago art institute.Then he got a new job at an appearance designer at an art studio and gained his info on a animation book .He loved the animation so he began experimenting animation after work .

Personal life and Obstacles

Walt's personal life was pretty good in 1925 he married his wife Lillian Marie Bounds.They had two daughters named Sharon Disney and Diane Disney.and his brother Roy helped him get a new studio he payed $2,000 to help Walt get the studio he was like Walt's manager. But as grate as it sounds it wasn't that grate.He had a lot of things that went wrong, he almost went bankrupt because no one was interested with his thoughts for a cartoon. till one day he came up with the idea mickey mouse.But there was another problem he couldn't find a distributor, after failing to find a distributor he he finally found one and his cartoon was the rated best cartoon in the country Then he made 5 more characters now he could pay off his studio and now work on something grater.
The Creation of Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney's Accomplishments

When Walt had enough money from the cartoons he began to sketch and sketch till he asked his wife what he should draw.She said a princes . So he drew up a beautiful princes named Snow White.but it wasn't enough for a movie so he decided to put a witch and a prince in the movie.But he had flaws if that was put together it would not makes sense and be to short. So he had seven dwarfs and it was just what he needed. When it came out he named the movie Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs,everyone went to see it and they loved it.Walt Disney made $8,000,000 on that movie nowadays that price would be $134,033, 1939 he built a huge studio where he made Alice In Wounder Land,Peter Pan,Pinocchio,Bambi and fantasia . he won a full size Oscar and seven mini ones .When Disney had enough money he to much he didn't no what to do but one day he decided to make a park called Disney land witch would be the best park in the world.
Walt Disney's Tour of Disneyland

Walt Disney's Death

Walt soon built another park called Disney World in 1971 but couldn't be able to see the finished project he died December 15,1966 from lung cancer. We will never forget about Walt Disney and the saying it all started with a mouse.