The 4th Project: Engraving

By: Alec Rynda

Project Summary

Project Title: Engraving

Software Used: Illustrator

Machine(s) Used: Laser Engraver, Universal

Cost: $7 cost of frame

Why would this project be desirable to users? Who would it be possible customers?

It would be desirable to others because it provides a thought provoking quote and a captivating design. It inspires others to think outside the box and find greater meanings to everyday life. It's possible customers would be anyone that the quote and design speak to, as they would benefit most from it.

What obstacles did you face? How did you overcome those obstacles? If you were to complete this again, what would you do differently?

There were only a few slight problems when it came to the design process of this project. They included difficulties with forming objects like how to take away small parts of already formed images. These obstacles were quickly figured out from playing around with some of the tools. The creation aspect of it (engraving wise) didn't really pose any obstacles. If I were to complete this again I would try to do something totally different so I am maximizing learning capability of this area.

What were you proud of on this project? What was interesting? What did you learn?

What I was proud of on this project was that it went successful and that is a nice clean design with a great thoughtful quote. It was interesting to sort of see how the machine would engrave and cut. I learned more about engraving and cutting using a different method.

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