The Flamethrower (E1R1)

By: Alanna Ciarlo

What it Does and How it works

The flamethrower launches burning fuel which sets men and the environment around the men on fire. The flamethrower had 2 large vertically-set tanks, each containing the needed fuel. Also had a third tank on top and between the other 2 which contained the propellant. They were worn as a backpack. They fed the flame gun dispenser,which was a pipe. The gun was held with two hands. A thin hydrogen tank was fitted laterally across the length of the flamethrower and supplied the needed ignition.A battery pack was used to ignite the hydrogen with a spark, then the hydrogen ignited the outgoing fuel supply.


Flamethrowers were successful. The flamethrower was used by Germans on July 30th 1915 and the flamethrowers slaughtered almost 800 soldiers in two days of fighting. The only problem was, with the tank you moved slower, and the people with flamethrowers were targeted more.