"Duffy Special Moments" 4/5/20

Hello, Duffy Students and Families!

A video message from the Specials team to cheer you on. Keep up the great learning this week!

We are very happy that Mr. Thomas is feeling better and has joined us in our video. Know that we are thinking of you all, as you continue to learn from home.

If you would like to submit lesson plan work examples, don't forget you can e-mail the examples to the Specials teacher, or to the Art and PE Instagram accounts.

Mrs. Tierney Cheryl_Tierney@whps.org

Mrs. Dailey Jill_Dailey@whps.org

Mrs. Desimone-Rafferty Andrea_Desimone-Rafferty@whps.org

Mr. Thomas David_Thomas@whps.org

Mrs. Schott Liz_Schott@whps.org

Mr. DeVeau Rob_Deveau@whps.org

PE Instagram: @Mr.DeVeau_duffy_PE

Art Instagram: @duffy_art_room