Archives War

Archives War: Hailey Henson

Archive Demise

Because of the Lamar administration, Mexican leaders were angered. To show this, they led attacks and raids into Texas. Rafael Vasquez led 700 soldiers into Texas. They raided San Antonio, Goliad, Refugio, and Victoria. Afterwords he had returned Mexico.

Texans panicked fearing that they came to attack Austin. President Houston then ordered that all government archives, and records to be taken from the capital. Austin residents opposed this decision, thinking it meant going back to Houston. Angelina Eberly fired at the people who were loading the files onto wagons.

This small war ended having the files put back into Austin.


In September 1842 mexico raided Texas once again. General Adrian Woll took over San Antonio with 1,400 soldiers. Hundreds of Texas Rangers and militia attacked the Mexican forces at Salado Creek. Woll's forces retreated taking captives with them.