Addiction one pager; Cannabis

Travis Jones

Is it addictive?

Even though cannabis addiction is rare, it's a real thing. Most people use use marijuana do so in moderation, and do not get addicted to the substance. When, however, the substance is abused, people can become addicted. People under 18 also have a much higher chance at becoming addicted to cannabis.

What are the medical ramifications of using cannabis?

Even though using it has nowhere as severe of effects as other prominent drugs, it still can have major medical effects. Many medical experts have claimed that cannabis, which is supported by multiple studies. It has also, in some cases, been linked to lung cancer and many other cardio-vascular conditions.

Is it as bad for you as other drugs?

No, even though using cannabis is probably not good for you, it is still nowhere near as bad as other drugs like cocaine and LSD. Even tobacco likely has more negative effects than cannabis, but as the full effects of cannabis is relatively unknown it may still be a dangerous substance to use, but still nowhere near as dangerous as other drugs.