The Australian Government

by lynette

House Of Representatives

Australia is divided up into different areas they are called electorates. For each different area there is one seat in the House Of Representatives. Each area has about the same population. people who live in each electorate vote for a person to go to Parliament to speak for the people. Person that was elected becomes a member of the house of representatives for that seat.

Most people who stand for election are members of different groups or parties the party that had won the next highest numeral of seats in the House of Representatives is called the opposition and the leader is classified as the leader of opposition.

There is a large called a chamber in Parliament House where the House Of Representatives meets. The room is decorated in an aqua green.


The other House of Parliament is called the Senate. People of every state and Northern Territory and the Australian capital Territory vote 12 people that ran up for it to be their senators. No matter how big or small the territory is, they have the same numeral of senators.

In the chamber in the parliament house is where the senate meets and is decorated in red.

Like the different chamber , its government members sit in the seat on the left of the picture , and the opposition sits opposite of them.

The seats in the horse shoe part are for the members from small parties and the independents . In the main seat in the centre, the President of the Senate sits. The president of the red room is in charge.

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The main business of the parliament is to make soon as the law is first suggested, it's called a bill . Bills are normally suggested in the House of representatives. The first bill is explained, then all the members discuss a conversation. Some changers may be made . Next members elect for or against the bill.