Maddy's Favorite Things At Kingsley

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New Changes at Kingsley

First have you ever wondered what books are at the Kingsley Dg58 library? Okay I will tell you which books you should read and see. 1. Is in the sea by David Elliot. 2. Is Nubs by Bryan Dennis. 3. Spy school by Stuart Gibbs 4. 13 curses by Michelle Harrison. 5. Lemony Snicket. 6. All my Life as a Book by Janet Tashjilian. 7. The course of the campfire weenies. 8. The land of the lawn weenies. 9. Dead Guy Spy. 10. My Rotten Life. That was the changes at Kingsley! :^)

My top three favorite things about Kingsley!:

  1. I like the new furniture!
  2. I like the new books!
  3. The library is awesome!

Thank you!

Thanks you viewers. I hope you liked it:^)