By: Shawn Holloway

Overall Score: 65.3 World Rank: 64

Quick Facts of Portugal vs United States

1. -Population-

10.6 Million People/ 316.4 Million

2. -GDP-

$244.8 Billion/ $16.8 Trillion

-1.4% Growth/ 1.9% Growth

-1.4% 5-year compound annual Growth/ 1.2% 5-year compound annual Growth

$23,068 per capita GDP/ $53,101

3. -Unemployment-

16.9%/ 7.5%

4. -Inflation (CPI)-

0.4%/ 1.5%

5. -FDI Inflow-

$3.1 Billion/ $187.5 Billion

7 Major Sources of Economic Progress

1. Legal System

The Legal system within Portugal is not as free as the United States but the Legal system doesn't prevent people from having other freedoms on property or trade. Portugal has less freedom that the United States but still has more freedom than other countries.
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2. Competitive Markets

The business markets are majority free but the freedom in Portugal competitive markets were about 10% less than those in the United States but now Portugal has increased its freedom and its almost equal with the freedom in the United States.
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3. Limits on Government Regulations

When it comes to Financial freedom in Portugal it has a lower percentage of freedom than that in the United States. The government has more power over the financial well-being of its citizens than that in the United States but over time the United has dropped a little most likely from an increase in government regulations and the financial freedom is almost equal in both countries.
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4. An Efficient Capital Market

An efficient capital market allows the financial freedom and allows people to have a more improved and better standard of living.
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5. Monetary Stability

This is known as the opportunity cost with the amount of money that is available for the the future. This refers to the stability of the value of the money in Portugal compared to the value of its dollar in another country.
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6. Low Tax Rates

There is less government freedom so that there is less government involvement and more freedom for the people to buy what they want instead of countries like Russia that cant buy as much of what they want because the government has more control.
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7. Free Trade

Free trade is permitted in Portugal and this makes the government unable to restrict imports and exports which can help the economy get better resources for the people from other countries.
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