Vikings Wanted

By: Shelby Shearer and Elijah Bailey

Destination, Time of Year, and Time Needed

We will head to Greenland by boat, starting in the beginning of this coming fall so that we don't intercept any storms or unfair weather. This Voyage could take anywhere from 8 months to a full year, do to how far away the destination is.

Traits and Equipment Needed

We don't need just anyone, we need the strongest, and the fastest. We need men who can wield a sword as well as axes and spears. Each soldier is required to be in possession of a battle ax, spear, or sword and also a few smaller weapons.


If you survive, you will be rewarded with some of the fortune we will gain from the raid, including gold coins, gems, jewels, and precious metals. Also, you will be remembered as one of the vikings from the greatest raids of all time.