March Newsletter

Biomes and Ecosystems

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In this edition:

  • Read Across America (Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss)
  • Birthdays
  • Up Coming School Closure Dates
  • March Curricula
  • Annual Earth Day Festival Information
  • Family and Employee of The Month
  • Important Safety and Community Information
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Read Across America

On March 2nd, our classroom's take a break from the normally scheduled curricula to celebrate Read Across America and the birthday of Dr. Seuss. Classrooms will enjoy his wonderful stories and many fun learning opportunities inspired by his creativity.

Lucky Little Birthdays...

  • Isaac R. 3/2
  • Xiaoli E. 3/14
  • Reagan M. 3/17
  • Angel C. 3/23

Important dates to remember

March Curricula at a glance

Annual Free Earth Day Festival

Saturday, April 21st, 10am-1pm

4965 Ringwood Meadow

Sarasota, FL

Brought to you by the Parent Committee, your Fusion educators and your amazing children.

Free to Vendors!

Do you know a business who would be perfect for the Earth Day Festival?

The Learning Cottage created the Earth Day Festival to celebrate our beautiful Earth with our students but to also give back to other business in our community. This event is free to all vendors. We encourage companies who are "like- minded" or would like to promote their business to provide a special game or craft for the children at the festival.

Businesses interested in participating must:

  • provide proof of insurance
  • provide a craft, game or learning opportunity for the children who attend the festival.
  • must compete a vendor agreement package by April 6th

Please contact Ashley Cabe for more information!

Sneak Peek... This event is open to the community

Employee Of The Month

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Ms. Elizabeth - Jr Preschool II Lead Educator

We would like to take a moment to recognize Ms. Elizabeth and her above and beyond, loving nature inside and outside of the classroom. Whether it be the lesson she is teaching, redirecting her students through age appropriate and sometimes silly behaviors or parent communication at the end of each day, Ms. Elizabeth has a smile on her face, looks to the positive in every situation and exudes compassion in all that she does! She is a model teacher for the well known statement; "Attitude is EVERYTHING."

Ms. Elizabeth, you have been a welcomed and much loved addition to our community this year. We thank you for upholding and modeling the company values for your peers and students alike and for your dedication to The Learning Cottage!

Family Of The Month

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The Rossein Family

The Rossein Family joined us this year from a local Montessori school looking for a balance of classroom environment and a school who was like- minded in their home values and teachings. We are so thankful the Rossein family landed on The Learning Cottage as we too, enjoy their son Isaac, who will be graduating with us this summer. Thank goodness we will have the pleasure of welcoming their youngest to our campus/ family THIS MONTH! We simply couldn't imagine this being their last year here! Ms. Katy (Mommy) is also a very active member on our campus and on the Parent Committee.

Thank you Rossein family for your commitment to The Learning Cottage but most importantly to your children's Early Education!

School Safety Important Message

With recent events, it's safe to say we all have heavy hearts for the victims and families as well as high alert for our own children and learning environments.

We want to assure all families, that The Learning Cottage does it's very best to train, practice and bring awareness to all emergency situations. We, on a monthly basis, practice these drills ( next Wednesday a lock down drill is scheduled). We invite you to take a look and become familiar with all emergency procedures located in every classroom. Please ask if you need help finding it's location. Additionally, one is posted in the main office.

Door Safety as listed in your handbook:

  • Please do not open the door for anyone you do not know
  • Please do not give the door code to ANY person picking your child up from school other than legal guardians listed on your enrollment application
  • Please be polite to parents on the campus. Do not take matters into your own hands.
  • If you see suspicious activity please contact the Main Office at The Learning Cottage and the Meadows Security Department (941) 377-2300

As always, Should you have any questions or concerns please be sure to reach out to any member of management.

The Meadows Community and Safety

Recently, the Meadows Community Association has reached out to ask that we help aide in the safety of the community and children at our school by bringing attention to the community speed limit. We trust that our families, having children of their own, will work together to ensure the safety of all within the community :) You may have also noticed at the exit of the shopping plaza, facing East, a new sign has been added asking that we make a left turn only. This is to help cut down "thru traffic."

Thank you for your attention to this safety precaution in our much loved community.