March Newsletter

Our Planet Earth

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In this edition:

  • Read Across America (Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss)
  • Birthdays
  • Important Dates To Remember
  • March Curricula
  • Family and Employee of The Month
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Read Across America

On March 1st, our classroom's take a break from the normally scheduled curricula to celebrate Read Across America and the birthday of Dr. Seuss (March 2nd). Classrooms will enjoy his wonderful stories and many fun learning opportunities inspired by his creativity.

See below for more information, through the newsletter, on how your children ( in each learning environment) will explore and apply these studies!)

Information per classroom:

Lucky Little Birthdays...

  • Skylar M. 3/15
  • Reagan M. 3/17
  • Angel C. 3/23

Important dates to remember

March 29th - 8 am

March Curricula at a glance

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Private Pre- K

During the month of March, students will go on an expedition through 7 continents of the world.

Literacy Focus:

Letters of the week: Xx, Qq & Ee

Students in the pre- K program will gain phonemic awareness while studying each week’s letter sound and it’s correlating vocab. By using the weekly vocab, students will learn to count syllables; helping them to become better future readers and writers! In addition, students will become field journalists by creating a book of their own, documenting their studies of the seven continents and the living ecosystems on them!

Science: Ecosystems & Lifecycles

Children will study the life cycles of frogs, butterflies and penguins. They will also learn vocab such as camouflage and predator and prey. Watch as your children delight and begin to record their observations of life cycle changes happening right before their eyes in their very own learning environments!


Students will explore the number 8 through child lead lessons. In small group, children will work on identifying, creating and finishing patterns.


Weekly, Students will be introduced to the 7 continents. After, they will study ways they can help protect and create a "green" environment. Finally, They will use recycled materials to create art following the continents and biome being studied that week in Science.

Employee Of The Month

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Ms. Kathy - Art Education

We would like to take a moment to recognize Ms. Kathy and her above and beyond, loving nature inside and outside of the classroom. Whether it be the lesson she is teaching, redirecting her students through age appropriate and sometimes silly behaviors or parent communication at the end of each day, Ms. Kathy has a smile on her face and exudes compassion in all that she does!

Ms. Kathy, you have been a welcomed and much loved addition to our community and for the past 3 year at the LC! We thank you for upholding and modeling the company values for your peers and students alike and for your dedication to The Learning Cottage!

Family Of The Month

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The Weiss Family

The Weiss Family joined us just one year ago from another local school looking for a healthy balance inside the classroom environment and a school who was like- minded in their home values and teachings.

We are so thankful the Weiss family landed on The Learning Cottage as we too, enjoy their son Stellan, and have had the pleasure of welcoming their newest addition, Cecilia to our early learning campus in December! We are very pleased to have shared the last year with this family and look forward to at least five more! Any more to come Weiss family!?

Thank you Weiss family, for your commitment to The Learning Cottage but most importantly to your children's Early Education!