Alternatives to Lashing Out

12 Other Options

What do I do when I can't take it anymore?

The next time the stress builds up instead of getting angry and jumping down the throat of your child STOP and try some of these alternatives.

Here is what to do

1.Take deep breaths then remember that you are the adult 2.Close your eyes and imagine yourself in your childs place 3.Press your lips together and count to 20 4.Put your child in a time out chair (one minute for each year of age) 5.Put yourself in a time-out chair. Think about why you are angry 7.Phone a friend 8.If someone can watch the children, go outdoors and take a walk 9.Take a hot bath and relax or splash cold water on your face 10.Hug a pillow 11.Turn on your favorite music and sing along 12.Pick up a pencil and write down helpful words. Save the list. 12.Call for prevention information: 1-800-CHILDREN
How many children are abused everyday? 5 children are abuse everyday 
Mr Davis uses time out