KidSpring Connections

November 16th

What You Do Matters!

Tripp is a kindergartener that comes to our 6:00 service. Last week as he was in the car with his dad getting ready to go to school he saw some NewSpring invite cards and asked what they were. When his dad told them they were to invite people to church he took all of them into school so he could invite his class to KidSpring!!

Because you serve, kids have so much fun in KidSpring and we're seeing them fall in love with church and invite friends! Imagine the change we'll see in our community as these kids grow up with a strong foundation in Jesus!

Volunteer of the Week

Sara Grace is our KidSpring Volunteer of the Week! She leads the way in fun for kids as she acts for preschoolers every week to make the Bible come to life! Not only is she engaging & passionate while serving in Large Group, but she is also willing to help in small groups, load out to make portable church happen, AND she sets the bar for loving & leading other volunteers that serve with her!


christmas decorating- november 30th

Each year we get to transform the TDCC into a magical Christmas scene. This is an awesome opportunity for volunteers from every area to come together and have lots of Christmas fun!

Where: TDCC-Meet in the Yellow Hallway, behind Next Steps Area on the main side

When: November 30 at 1:00

Free Lunch, Special Treats, and Christmas Music provided!


kidspring christmas series change- december 2nd

We’re getting ready to set sail on an incredible journey in KidSpring this Christmas! Join us Tuesday December 2nd from 4:00-8:00 as we prepare the way with all the new toys & fun theming for our Pirates series! Feel free to drop in at any point in time!

RSVP HERE so we can get your favorite snacks for this adventure!

Volunteer Christmas Party- December 5th

All volunteers & their families are invited to come together to celebrate Christmas. We will see a special message from Perry and get the inside scoop from David about what is to come for campus. Be on the lookout for your invitation in the mail! NO RSVP necessary, all volunteers are invited! If you are new to serving & don’t receive an invitation, you are still invited!
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Serving in KidSpring During Christmas Services

This Christmas is going to be the best we've ever seen! We're preparing the way to see 1800 kids this year as they get to learn about Jesus more clearly than ever before & have the most fun doing it! If you're available, we're asking each of our volunteers to sign up to serve 3 services. With 9 services total, we know the Lord is going to blow our minds with the miracles He allows us to be a part of this Christmas!




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Bible Story: Daniel & the Lions

Check out our Bible Story for the week below. Password: kidspring

Memory Verse

“Believe that God is real (both arms point up)

And that He rewards everyone (pat self on back)

Who searches for Him.” (make binoculars with hands, then look left and right)

Hebrews 11:6 (show six fingers)


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Bible Story: God's Plan for Jesus

Check out our Bible Story for the week below. Password: kidspring

Memory Verse

“But without faith no one can please God. We must believe that God is real and that He rewards everyone who searches for Him.”

Hebrews 11:6

Fun for Your Team!

Looking for something fun to do with your volunteer team outside of Sunday? We've got several options for November of things you can do!

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